Thursday, July 14, 2011

There is practically nothing left to discuss on this topic. Same thing happens every couple of years, and the very next day, everything and everyone goes back to its normal routine! Barring the sudden euphoria among crazy news reporters, the rest of the country has started taking such events as casually as mid-summer rains!

We all should probably get funky t-shirts with some lovey dovey messages about Mumbai's spirit printed on the front, and LOSERS printed on the back!

Anyways, what startled me more was Shri Shri Rahul Gandhi's message that the government can not stop such attacks!! Dude! Instead of jogging around whole Uttar Pradesh and screwing with innocent investors' home purchases, do something better to stop such attacks! Or else such incidents will keep on happening, and we all will be using the Jute produced in the Greater Noida farmlands to make t shirt materials, and then print Coward and Losers on them!

Seriously, some days I feel so sorry that I live in a country whose leaders are so confident that they are practically incapable of defending its citizens' right to live...
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