Do Dooni Chaar !

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I know I know i am a couple of years late in watching Do Dooni Chaar, but frankly speaking it was worth the wait! It is the best movie I saw in a long time! :D

Ekdum bachpan ke din yaad aa gaye wo movie dekh ke! :D :D I specially looooved the acting of Rishi Kapoor, and the girl playing his daughter in the movie!

I don't know if any richie rich folks read this blog, but for the rest of us, the mango people, there are plenty of instances in the movie which just look like a copy paste from our lives! And specially the simplicity in the lives of Duggal family, made me sit and watch a complete movie after such a long time.

There is a scene in the movie, where Mr Duggal is talking to his wife over the phone and saying "Keema parantha, 45 Rupees ji". There was so much happiness and pride in his voice on making his small luxurious purchase! The scene took me some 7-8 years back in my life. I was in first year of college then and lived on humble monthly expenses. Every saturday our hostel mess was off, so we had to go out to eat. Believe it or not, that 30 rupees ka keema parantha was the most expensive purchase I used to make every week!! Life was so good when these small small things used to bring so much happiness! I even used to wait for Saturday to go out and spend my luxury money! :D :D

Good old days! Sigh!

I could even connect more to the movie as I am on the verge of purchasing my own first car! :D :D The tension of collecting the down payment, the huge bundle of papers for the loan guys, the EMI ki tension, the waiting period for the car! Sigh! :D

Some days I wake up as excited as a girl during her wedding shopping! :D And then I check the date, curse the car manufacturers for long waiting periods and then go back to sleep again! :D

By the way, did anyone else like the movie - Do Dooni Chaar?
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