and its April already !

Sunday, April 10, 2011

First of all let me take a broom and clean off the spider webs hanging on this blog. Leave about others, these days even I am not visiting this blog!

PS: If you didn't know, as kareena says in Jab We Met, 'main apna sabse favorite hoon! "  I often enjoy reading my own posts from the past... Present ki to watt lagi hui hai , future ka kuch pata nahi hai, its only the past which I enjoy living in..

Anyways, if all of you were first busy in cheering India through the world cup, and then pasting messages like crazy on Facebook about fasting Anna, let me just remind you --> ITS APRIL ! ! ! The home-going month! I can't believe, it has been 5 months and 3 weeks to the day when I landed in this country and got terribly confused that why does this Mahindra Logan has a steering wheel on the wrong side! :D

By the way, the last time I read newspaper, there was a huge headline "Anna to fast until death"! I suppose that he is not dead, then why is he breaking up the fast? Lag gai na bhookh! :D :D

Frankly speaking, to me, this whole Anna Chaukanna thing was a huge drama! It was such a big drama, that i even wrote a letter to ekta kapoor (with my blood, like in the old movies), to request her to make a serial on the Anna episode! Only two people in the world can create a better drama than this - Rakhee Sawant (live) and ekta kapoor (through her serials)! :D

I even wrote a short story, where a guy called Mihir Virani goes on a "Fast until death" because he thinks that Tulsi Virani adds too much spices into the food! And the rest of the story is about Tulsi and Baaa trying to make him understand, that what has been happening for 200 years, wont go away in a minute, just because and old and dying (according to the life expectancy in India) man wants to go on a "fast until death"! :P :P

A very very well timed political campaign, to make use of the remaining adrenaline and beer in the bloods of young jobless Indians.

Anyways, being a curious (and a lazy) soul, I asked about 100 people, to give me a short executive summary style explanation of this  Lokpal Bill. About 50% of the people said, they just got a forwarded mail and sent it to all the 2500 contacts in their address book because they thought its cool and don't know all the details. 30% of the people shouted some meaningless sentences centered around anti corruption, Gandhi, hungry, youth power and aandolan (and hot chicks). The remaining 20% of the people blocked me from their Gtalk, Facebook and Twitter accounts, for asking obscene questions in the public forums! :D :D

Ghor Kalyug hai bhai!

Kissiko kuch pata nahi ho kya raha hai, bas maze lene hain sabko! :D :D
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