The Birthday and The Birthday Post !

Thursday, March 31, 2011

So, it was my birthday on 24th March!

Blame it on the world cup or my screwed up work life balance, but I completely forgot about my mandatory 'Happy Birthday to me' post on this blog! :(

Anyways, it was the first time in my life, that i went to office on my birthday!! I mean, its better than sleeping around the home in any case! Also, I wasnt even a tiny bit excited about my birthday this year! All i cared was that India should beat Australia and Sachin should spit on the face of Pointing! Which kind of happened ( figuratively at least) :D

Oh, btw I never knew birthdays in offices are a totally different than birthdays in school! :P

Around lunch time we had a small birthday celebration at office. Well, instead of distributing toffees to everyone, I had to give a small speech on how unsuccessful I have been in the past xx years of my life, and what a living disaster my life is :D In return of the horrible speech I got a nice card in "ENGLISH"!!! - the language so hard to find here! :D and a bottle of "Palinka" (Its the traditional drink of Romania with 38% alcohol! :D ) And a scarf in the colors of the local football team! Woohoo! :D

Me being me, ran home immediately after getting the gifts! (What if people change their minds and take the gifts back! :D ) Rest of the afternoon was spent watching India - Australia match with my Indian friends! Well, India won and i called it a day well spent!

But, kahani abhi baaki hai mere dost!

After the match, I was sitting nicely and quietly on a chair, playing some stupid game on the mobile

and suddenly the lights went off, and all I could hear was "Happy birthday to you" instrumental playing somewhere! And then slowly I saw my friends walking through the lobby carrying an awesome cake with 16 candles on it :D :D

Meri twacha se meri umra ka pata hi nahi chalta :D  

That was the first and the last time I saw the cake in its entirety! About 90 seconds later, I was looking like a clown!

And people were laughing on me! :D

Aah! A day well spent, I must say! :D  Thank you again guys for the nice surprise!

By the way, if you notice carefully, there are two birthdays mentioned in the title of the post. The first one was mine, and the second one is hers! I still think she is lying to me about her birth date! I mean who has a birthday on 1st April!! :O :O

Here is her blog link, in case you want to drop by and wish :)

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