Main Jat Yamla Pagla Deewana

Sunday, January 16, 2011

If i am writing a blog about a movie, its needless to say - I loved the movie!

The movie started with Sunny paaji and a firangan wife! There is a special charisma when sunny paaji is in Sardar roles! Ekdum natural get-up lagta hai! :D :D On top of this, he has two chote chote sardar kids, who start shouting 'teri bhen di..' within first 5 minutes of the movie! :D :D

And then it just got better! To start with, the first half of the movie is shot in the backdrops of Banaras! Every few minutes i was jumping when i recognized a street or a ghat! Had they shown some more close ups of the lanes, i could have even told the names of shops of each gali!! What the heck, i even knew the names of so many paan ki dukaan owners in Banaras!! :P :P

Varansi is probably the only place on earth which i can rate higher than Delhi at times! Having spent my best 4 years of life in those lanes, i am simply in love with that place!

Coming back to the topic, the movie is a brainless punjabi ishtyle comedy with no story at all. Everything is a ruckus, acting is clumsy, but still the Funjabi humor of the movie did not let me get up from my chair for whole 2 hours 30 minutes ! :D

The action sequences of the movie have portrayed Sunny Paaji to be the baap of Rajnikant! His one shout can blast the windows and blow up 20 goons! :D Needless to say, if you hit him with an iron rod, the rod gets bent while he barely notices as if something happened ! The best scene was, when Sunny paji is drinking a bucket full of desi daaru! Aaha! :D

Dharam Paaji holds his own place in the movie, though it seems that he would have looked much healthy and better, if he had just bunked a couple of liposuction sessions! :P The firangan has a small role, but when she speaks punjabi - oye hoye hoye! Badi soni lagdi hai! :D

The lead chick - Saheba, i think i have seen here somewhere else also. I guess, she has worked in some stupid saas bahu serials. How do i know? Simply because i watch those at times to kill time :D :D

All in all, a total dhamaal! (Aaila, main to shayar ban gaya!) :P  Anyways, i hope you all will also love the movie. Just remember to put your brain in the freezer before going to this movie! ;)

Here is the title song of the movie - Main Jat Yamla Pagla Deewana - with a few glimpses of the movie!

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