I lost an hour of my life!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Not that i care, but still it was a funny early morning incident!

My fone has an alarm for 8 am in the morning. So as usual the alarm rang today morning, i got up and checked my emails on the laptop. I have not configured the local time on my laptop, as it helps me in easily checking Indian time while calling through skype, and the clock showed 10.30. Too early for a sunday morning eh! So i thought i should sleep back again!

I slept off, after about some 50 minutes, my fone alarm started ringing again! I checked the time and it was again 8 am!! Damn! I wasn't drunk or anything last night, and i had a deja-vu kind of a feeling, that i got up and checked emails sometime back! I opened the laptop again, checked emails, and i think you all will appreciate my aging but still awesome memory, all the emails were marked as read!

Now this was getting a bit weird! I just hoped that it had nothing to do with my watching 'Resident Evil' yesterday night! Suddenly, self realization dawned! I am not a sissy chick thinking about stupid movies, this has to do something with brains :D :D   And weirdly enough, the laptop clock showed 11.30 am now!

Now this is simple, blame everything on my aging HTC tatto phone and go back to sleep ! :D  :D But no my dear friend! Nerds dont go for the simpler solutions! After spending some good 20 minutes reading through google translated sites, i found the answer! By the way, google translation tool is good, except that these guys need some better grammar teachers!

The problem was, that last night, at 12.00, Romania shifted to something called Daylight Saving Time. And i have kept my HTC time settings, to adopt network provided values, so that i do not have to change time manually to the local time whenever i am going  to some other time zones! And well, co-incidences happen more often than they should happen. My fone synced with the network time sometime just after my alarm time, to give me two alarms for the day!

In retrospect, when i read my blog title again, i think i lost close to two hours in this whole damn thing! One hour due to shifting clocks, and then other hour researching about this stuff, laughing on myself and then writing down this stupid blog! Phew. I am an idiot!

Foodie Bytes!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The other day we had a potluck party in office. I heard this term back in India, but well never attended any such parties before! And boy, it was fun!

The only catch was that everyone had to bring in some home-cooked food! Mind you, I can cook a lot of stuff and that too of such a high quality that - tumhe tumhare maa ke hath ke khaane ki yaad aa jaye!! But well, jis din kismat kharab ho na,, ooonth (camel) pe baith kar bhi jao to bhi kutta kaat leta hai! Same happened with me that day, i mean i din ride the camel, but something similar happened!

Here in Romania, the fun point in the lives of these guys is to write everything in Romanian and then sit back and enjoy! Using my awful translation capabilities, i took Maida instead of Atta, as everything on the wrapper was written in Romanian, and maida and atta both somehow translate to wheat flour! The real drama begin when i got up in the morning of Potluck party!

Somehow, i felt, that there was something wrong with the dough i made! It was fucking damn sticky, instead of the cute and innocent atta dough! Playing around with oil and dry maida, i made a parantha! And hold your breath! I understood the real problem as the parantha did not turn red like the atta parantha!! It became like a naan! Daimnit!

Being an amateur in the field of cooking, and an expert in the field of eating, i knew that by the time i reach office, maida parantha will turn into a rock, solid and heavy, which can be used as a paperweight or better to smash it on the head of the anti-national Arundhati Roy! Apni izzat ka to aaj faluda hone wala tha mamu! But then, bade bade desho me aisi choti choti baaten hoti rehti hain!! :D :D

As guru furobiker once said - when luck is not on your side, jugaad helps!

The other day, i had got these semi cooked, ready made paranthas from the super market! Yeah, you guessed it right, i had to qurbaan my beloved effortless semi-cooked paranthas to save my bachi kuchi izzat :D But it was fun, nevertheless! Well, at the end of the day, i have no clue what all i ate, because the names of all the dishes my colleagues made were in Romanian, but yeah, add some spices, some more desi ghee and bingo, the dishes were super awesome! :D :D :P

Anyways, now there is 1.5 kgs of maida sitting at home, and i dont know what to do with it? Any tips? (recipes?)

Ho Challa India Toh Aaya

Friday, October 22, 2010

Oh by the way, i guess i forgot to tell you guys, i have been busy in packing and stuff, thats why this blog was neglected over the past few days. I have moved to a small town (Timisoara) in the large country named Romania! I will continue about that but first watch this 2 minute song clip from the movie Crook and try guessing my favorite line from it!

"Ho challa aankhiyan seekeee, goriyan mema vekheee!!" 

Precisely, thats what i have been doing for the past 72 hours now! :D :D ..I wish it was summer season and there were no jackets, gloves, shawls, and whatever furry heavy clothing chicks have here right now owing to the 8 degrees temperature and chilly winds! .. it would have been much better for my eyes.. phew

Anyways, after enjoying a prehistoric, dinosaur age like life for three days, finally i have a local mobile number and a working internet connection at home! Dude, the telecommunication system of Europe sucks! If you just buy a pre-paid mobile connection, and do not take any special pack, a fucking local call will cost you about 16 RS !! As compared to 60 paisa back in India!! I am like totally confused, what the hell is going on in Europe or maybe in India, but something somewhere is seriously wrong with the telecom companies! 

Whatever! For starters, i have stocked up my kitchen with essential groceries, and now i just have to learn how to mix those weird masalas and stuff to cook something eatable :D Since my daily travel time for commuting to office and back home has been reduced by 3 hours and 15 minutes, i can spare some time to download recepies from the net and learn some awesome dishes! (PS: my average cab travel time back in India was 3 hours 30 minutes every single day! And here it is just 7+7 minutes of walk every day! :D  )

Keep watching this space, the photographer in me will wake up soon... I guess on the weekend, i will load you guys with pictures of my teeny weeny apartment and the nice sceneries near it! 

Rakhee ka Insaaf

Sunday, October 17, 2010

There are a few incidents at times, which change the entire course of a person's life! In the lifetime of this planet 'Earth', there have only been two such instances, which screwd up the whole small, sweet ecosystem created by God! First was when Adam discovered Eve was a 'bit' different than him! His typical reaction was - oh, uhh, hmmmmm, interesting, wooooow!! And the rest is history, 6 billion population is not a joke!

Second such incident was when Rakhee Sawant was born! By God ki kasam! Sala dunia me koi paida nahi hua usko takkar dene ko! This silicon ki gudia never fails to amaze me! The other day, i was watching her new reality show - Rakhee ka Insaaf !! waise show ka naam hi kaafi solid hai baap! :D :D

By the way, have you ever observed, how all the big famous writers start with 'the other day', they never specify it as - today, tomorrow, yesterday, or by some date! Yeah right! Sab jhoote hain saale, all that they write is fiction, without really going anywhere or observing anything! The only thing that they do whole day is sit in their beds, drink tea and comment while reading the newspaper - Daaarling, is desh ki halat bahut kharab hoti jaa rahi hai !

Coming back to the topic, their was a similar show conducted by some female named Kiran Bedi sometime back, but the aura, the personality and the sadak-chaap style of rakheejee has no match in this whole world!! :D :D

The high point of the show was a sting operation!! Rakheejee knew the outcome of the case beforehand, as she had verified her hypothesis by conducting a sting operation on one of the fighting parties! But the way, she was playing for an hour with her - dil ko choo lene wale questions - was amazing! Saala meri to aaknon me aansu aa gaye the Rakheejee ki brilliance dekh ke! :D :D

There are a few qualities in life, which can only be attributed as God's gift. Even some of the gifted people like Prabhu Chawla and Rajat Sharma do not have the capability to grill a chick (one of the fighting party) to ascertain that a random guy is her bhayya or saiyyan ! :D :D

And the defendants in the show are also amazing, 3 minutes ago, one chick was crying and shouting that the random guy is her brother and is like God for her. And as soon as Rakheejee showed a MMS (or lets say sting operation clip :D )  , the chick reversed her stand and ran to shower kissies to the random guy!!!

On a serious note, in a country where there are such defendants, and such judges, sab kuch bhagwan bharose hi chalta hai bhai.. Waise the target audience for all the entertainment products is changing these days. Apna sallu bhai starring DABANG, Superstar Rajni presents Robot, Rakheejee ka Insaaf - all the rickshaw pullers and auto guys love these three !! There is a small, petty, shady movie theater near my house ( Its just above a desi and angrezi daru ka theka!) And the theater is running full even on advance booking, since the day when Dabangg was released! So many rickshaw pullers and so less theaters to cater to them. tch tch... bahut nainsafi hai bhai!!

Anyways, time to take my goldfishes to their evening walk :D Will be back soon :D

Ye hai Bigg Boss ka Ghar

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

ye hai bigg boss ka ghar.. pyaar ki dagar hai ye kaisa safar...
ye hai bigg boss ka ghar, ye hai bigg boss ka ghar...

The day you feel cheapness has been completely eradicated out of this world, big boss team will come out to prove you wrong! Kidhar kidhar se dhoond ke laate ho bhai! Every single season, these guys surprise me with their choice of contestants!!

Lawyer of the terrorist Kasab, a chick who claims to be the ex of a Pakistani bookie, a Pakistani eunuch!, a failed hero who was successful in achieving fame through his own MMS, a bodybuilder alleged to be involved with Headly - the mastermind of mumbai attacks, and then there are some teeny weeny chicks who are being paid for either crying or shouting!

Daimn! Ye remote humko de de thakur! I cant bear this madness anymore! Even after so many years of experience, these guys fail to catch the pulse of the audience! Dude, we dont need cheapness, we need MASALA!! There is a frigging hell lot of difference between the two! Masala is when Payal Rohatgi, dressed up in bare minimums is being massaged in the town hall of Bigg Boss show by Shri Shri  Mahajan ji... and Cheapness is when a Pakistani Eunuch changes her/his/whatever name and clothes after getting a sex-change attack every 3 minutes! Itna confusion to commonwealth games ke bare me bhi nahi hai bhai!!

Generally, kids (like me) grow up watching and following the idols or the characters appearing on their TV sets. And even bloody stats prove that 8 out of 10 children are influenced by the protagonist of their favorite shows! You can take my example even - my favorite show was Mougli from Jungle Book, and see how i grew up.. errrr.. Anyways! I seriously think these show producers should think about the quality and profession of the people they are bringing on the national television, and for Gods sake, learn the difference between cheapness and Masala! (link) or else....

In a nutshell...

Sunday, October 10, 2010

As a friend told me today

"Good things happen to people, bad things happen to people, strange things happen to people... but to you, only a blog happens!!!"

He he.. very well said :D :D That IS my life in a nutshell!! Anything and everything happening around me, has a very high probability of ending up on this blog..

Anyways, other day my friend MDH asked me to spread awareness about an awesome initiative - Protsahan India Foundation (website link)  started by his friend Sonal Kapoor. These guys at Protsahan are working real hard for educating slum children and creating job opportunities for them. Here is the complete story in an elaborate interview given by Sonal (click here) (interview shinterview!! The gal is already famous haan!)  and yeah, the least you guys can do is to go to their Facebook page and click "Like" button , so that it helps them in spreading a little bit more awareness about their project. Click here to visit their Facebook page.

By the way, you must be thinking how can any guy have a name like MDH??!! The guy's real name is Dheeraj, but its just that, he is a doppelganger for the old guy with long dense mustache, who appears in the MDH ad.. and hence the name :D :D

Will be back soon...

Parents will be Parents.. ufff

Sunday, October 03, 2010

You know when you are growing up, you pass through some real uncomfortable age groups. Yeah, right! The ages when you can neither sit with the kids, nor the grown ups. Trust me, those are the best days of your life!!(yeah yeah, you can play summer of 69 tune in the background while reading this line :P ) The best part of that age group is that you don't have to do idiotic things like spilling all your food on your clothes like kids, and you don't have to bear the boring parents age group talks!!

So yesterday as i was digging into an awesome alu tikki at Bitto Tikki Wala, we met some of my sis's parental friends (defined as the friends of our age group, whose parents are also friends with our parents). So the group split into three sub groups. Sister and her friends. Mummyjees...and Papajees + me. And then begun the longest torture of my life. If you know, how bad were chinese torturing techniques, this parental talks are a torture of much higher degree!!

Both the papajees were too busy boasting about their kids, that how intelligent their kids were, right from the moment they were born! Though my dad skipped the part where i flirted with the nurse, 3 minutes after i was born :D :D :P .. How many college entrance exams their kids appeared in, then they started comparing ranks in those exams, and then more boasting - my kids are more intelligent than yours, although both of them got ranks beyond 2 lakh for 30 seats!!!! :D

Another point of irritation is fake boasting! Dude, everyone knows that in competitive exams lakhs and lakhs of students appear for few hundred seats. So its not a shame that your kid could not clear one or two exams! I have seen crazy parents, who think their kids are direct descendants of James Bond himself.. Typical dialogs include - "My kid was selected in AIIMS, IIT, IIM, ... put any awesome institute name here... but did not join it!!!"  and i am like .. eh!! Chappal utar ke maarunga agar dubara aisi bakwaas kari to!!! Who in their right minds would not join such institutes after getting selected in them? Unclejee.. hum bhi gadhe nahi hain..!

And then there are insults and intriguing questions like - how much do you earn.. ooooh... you should have studied more in 12th.. why dont you do mba to earn respectable amount.. when do you plan to marry.. who will give you your daughter when you earn such a pathetic salary.. and some more crap... I had to bear all this for 45 long minutes!! :( :(

Kissi ne sach hi kaha hai.. Parents will be parents...uffff


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Commonwealth Games 2010 Opening Ceremony

In short i can just say - India nailed it!!! 

The opening ceremony completely rocked!!! Here are the first 10 minutes of the opening ceremony, with the fireworks and the opening anthem.. Will keep updating this post as soon as i find more videos. Please leave youtube links in comments, if you come across any other cool videos of the CWG opening ceremony!!