Too many variables..

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I don't know if anyone of you have observed this, but i seriously have been having this weird realization since past few days. --> There is a constant thought process or as my philosophical self would say 'intellectual humming' going inside my head all the time! and i am sure, many of you must be having this certain in-built tension in life, thinking about past or future, something, everything, all the time!

When i get up, i am thinking about the client deliverables to be sent that day, when i am about to sleep, i am thinking about the work for next day, during weekdays i am thinking about stuff to be done on weekends, on weekends i am planing for weekdays. To add to all this mess, there comes some of the social interaction, personal and work related emails, information overload on twitter, tech news for the day, financial news, Facebook updates to check who got married and who got lucky, and of course short term, mid term and long term career planning, cab issues, reimbursement bills and what not!

Dude! I have never been the brighter one of the pack, and processing so many variables at the same time is taking its toll on me! Its like my head is over-clocked and i need to throw some variables out to keep my head cool.

Think about it, how many people have you ever met who are really happy in their professional life? Just dig deeper, and you would realize the happiness levels are almost same in their personal lives too! It cant be that all companies and all partners suck! Its just that we all are so busy running so fast, that we do not know where are we going and where do we want to reach... All we know is everyone is running and so are we..

Just for comparison purposes, the number of such variables in our parent's lives were so less wen they were of our age! There were no mobile phones, people used to write only letters and waited for 15 days for the reply, there were no blackberry phones or digital "kutte ke patte" hanging in your neck, forcing you to reply to every email and female within 5 minutes of its arriving! No hurry to clutter your friend's lives with your exact coordinates and your checked in dining places... people used to take life slow and enjoyed every bit of it.. This social networking website business was also non-existent in those days...

Anyways, if and when you get time, just think about it. I guess we are just overloading our small brains without any purpose. There are so many variables we can do away and trust me two days later you wont even know they existed. So just get up today, throw the random people and things out of your life, stop giving a shit about things that don't matter, form a small world of your own where i guess there lies pure, real happyness for you..

There will be two dates on your tombstone, and all your acquaintances will read them. But all thats gonna matter to you and your closed ones, is the little dash between them...

As he says..

Monday, August 09, 2010

'he' refers to one of the most awesome managers i have worked with. He used to work in my previous company but is now enjoying his life in ISB..Anyways, let me complete the dialog first - Many a times he pointed out that

 "Coincidences happen, much more frequently than they should normally happen!"

I mean seriously try it out sometime, it happens. You are thinking about something random, and 2 minutes later you see that random thing happening! You crave to eat some off-season thing, and some of your uncle like colleague returns from his hometown, carrying the same stupid thing in his hands!! Anyways, you must be thinking why i am throwing this random junk at you? Couple of days back, i was in one of my contemplative moods and thinking about past, present, future, and some other shit.. and suddenly i click on a random link on my twitter stream and this image opens!!

Damnit! I freaked out!bole to meri fat gai thi!!  i was just staring at it for close to 100-120 seconds to decide if it really opened or its just my craziness taking over my consciousness ! :D  Anyways, this image made me think, am i really happy? I guess i am not! I dunno whats wrong, but i feel something is just not right with my life at the moment! Its like when you taste some awesome dish, but you feel there is some magic missing in it, you just cant name that thing/feeling but in your heart you know there is something not so right about the dish. Same is the situation in my life..., some magic, some ingredient is missing, its just that i am not able to pinpoint which one is that.. 

To sum up this short, incoherent (waise, did u hear rakhee sawant talking sometime? Yeah!! this post is exactly as incoherent as her talking! :D ) post, i would quote one of my favourite line from Winnie-the-pooh ... "Here is Edward Bear, coming downstairs now, bump, bump, bump, on the back of his head, behind Christopher Robin. It is, as far as he knows, the only way of coming downstairs, but sometimes he feels that there really is another way, if only he could stop bumping for a moment and think of it. "

Anyways, i wrote this post one week back, but forgot to post it. I came here to write about my Goa trip, but saw this post and published it first! So Goa travelogue coming up soon! Key West Hotels

In Short...

Friday, August 06, 2010

So just going off to Goa to cool my brains off.. Cya all on the other side.. Be nice..