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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yesterday morning i woke up at 8 am! I am on a damn vacation but still i woke up at 8 am! Just because of the total chaos at home! Nopes, we do not have kids or pets at home (well, you can say pseudo pets if u consider my mom's dhamki of throwing me into kennel with our imaginary dog, but yeah no real pets!). So who was the real cause of chaos? My mom!! She teaches Class X students, and yesterday morning Class 10th board results were declared!

On such days she is generally found to be much more tensed than the students. She teaches the most awful subject ever created by God! Social Studies!! (Sshhh! I almost failed every year in that course :D, right from class 6 to class 10 !!). But the strange thing was that her students were calling her and telling her their results! And more weird thing was she remembers the name and class performance of each and every kid! And was discussing with them weather the result was up to their expectations or not! If you ask me, that is really really weird!!

I do not think any teacher right from kindergarten till my engineering ever knew my name! I was that nameless and faceless guy who neither did very well not was a pathetic looser of the class. Who just sat in a corner, attended classes came back and slept! The whole point of the blabber is, i would never ever dream even in my dreams to call up my teachers and say thanks after my result!

Maybe there is an ideological difference between folks like us who think going to school is just third weirdest idea of parents (first and second position is held by brushing and bathing and that too daily!!), as compared to the kids studying in the government schools who find it as the only way out of the life they have been destined by the God-and-Murphy consortium!

Just think about it, most of the things we hate and generally take for granted are the most cherished things for some other people who aint so fortunate! Just look around and you will see what i mean - Morning time milk! Schools! Healthy Food! (burgers and pizzas do not count as healthy foods! )

Life is weird!

IIT results are out!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Its been 7 years!

Back in 2003, i too had my share of tense days and nights waiting for the bloody IITs to declare the results! I forgot the date but i still remember the whole drama scene at home when my results were out. Its a strange thing that the bodily fluids (and solids!) start exerting pressure in the wrong places and at wrong times during tense moments. I remember going for the long term fixed deposit (read SHIT) at-least 5 times that morning! And yeah i was in one of those relieving trips when one of my friends called and told my result! Back in those days, internet was a scarce commodity..

I was no different from any other IIT aspirant, who day and night imagined his photograph in the newspapers standing with the head of the coaching centers and praising the God-forbidden earth-shattering teaching practices of the awesome-est teachers of that institute! Obviously, i would and could have written more praising stuff had i topped the exam and yeah, there is no free lunch and there is no free praise!! :D

Anyways, god and murphy both are jerks. I got a much lower rank (thank god!) than expected and had to settle with IT BHU instead of my (parent's) long standing dream of IIT Delhi. Phew. All in all, i think it was one of the rare good things that happen to my screwed up life.! Instead of the cut-throat-mean-cheap competition between the batch-mates of IIT Delhi, it was really really cool to find much friendly, not-giving-a-shit-towards-life friends in BHU!

Anyways, wishing all the best to the people and their relatives who got selected in IITs and heartily congratulating all those who didn't get through! Atleast you people have an option of taking the road not taken (link) by everyone else in this world! Go out do something else, something which you really like, and i bet you will be a much happier fellow 10 years down the line (link)!!


Monday Morning Thought!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Nothing is fair in life!! Good morning!!

Where do you want to be 10 years down the line?

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Few days ago i was discussing some standard MBA interview type questions with some of my friends. So the only question where we were stuck was - "Where the hell do you want to be 10 years down the line?" Surprisingly my answer did not match with anyone else's answer. Someone wanted to be a CEO, someone wanted to earn a salary of minimum 1 crore per annum, someone wanted to have a nice family and great professional life. My answer was in different direction altogether..! I said i wanted peace and contentment in life, even if it means i am earning the least compared to my peers, or if it means i leave my 9 to 5 job and just work as a freelance writer earning just about enough to feed myself and my family!

Seriously i am so much confused about this concept of success in life! The more and more people i talk to who have either done their MBA or are currently doing it, the more i am confused about it. Why MBA? Everyone is running after earning more money, or jump higher on the corporate ladders of success, but no one is working to improve his/her quality of life. With increasing years of experience, people keep on increasing their number of hours in office. However high you rise in the corporate ladder, you are still scared of your boss or client or whoever finding a flaw in your output. So the point is, you are never really living a free life with proper peace and contentment, and also you dont have the time to spend all the million bucks you earn per month. And that my friend, is not my definition of success or where i want to be 10 years down the line..

So what are your views on "Where do you want to be 10 years down the line?"

A trip to Sattal

Thursday, May 06, 2010

As i mentioned, i was out on a small longish weekend with my colleagues. I am saying colleagues because i hardly knew anyone when i went for the trip. What the fuck, i didn't even know a total of 5 people from about 30 members of this trip! But boy, after the trip,  i can surely say that i very well know all of them now, and have founded many like minded people in the gang!

It was actually not a trip but kind of outbound training where they try to drill some values into your head by means of various activities. Seedhi baat, there was not a singe drop of daaru available on the trip! But then the activities were so engaging and of course tiring (budhape mein itni menat karwate hain saale!) that there was no room for daru at all!

One of the craziest thing i have done in my life and on this trip! - Going for a swim at 11 in the night after trekking 3 kms downhill. By the way, i dont know a shit about swimming, it was just the life jackets which we were trusting on! And yeah the 3 kms uphill trek sucks every remaining ounce of energy inside you! But the whole experience was exhilarating! (i know i know! my mom will say - din mein to kabhi nahate nahi ho aur rat ko 11 baje swimming??? ...You see, cant help it mom, peer pressure!!)

I just wish the trip was a bit longer! a couple of days more? or maybe a couple of weeks? And maybe that guide/mentor, whatever you want to call him gave us some more time to sit in the sun and enjoy the sunny mornings ? But, all in all, i made friends with some really cool people on the trip and yeah did some crazy things which otherwise i would never have even thought of in my whole life!!