HTC Tattoo (Click) - Reviews and Best Apps

Sunday, February 28, 2010

So i complete one month with my new toy - HTC Tattoo (Click), and here is my review about the device (scroll down if you want to read my recommendations on the best apps)

HTC Tattoo is a nice, sleek device but lacks a lot of features which HTC Magic has. I guess that is the trade-off you need to make if you want to save some money. Tattoo is comparatively cheaper than the Magic. Tattoo has a much better security, it took a lot of time for XDA developers to root this device. I hope custom ROMs will soon be available for this device. There are two key things to note before you buy HTC Tattoo. 

1) Its screen is a bit small as compared to previous android devices made by HTC - This causes certain apps to not work on Tattoo, as being a touchscreen device a lot of things depend n screen size and all.. But the benefits are longer battery life and blah blah

2) Tattoo has a resistive screen - Resistive screens do NOT provide multi touch features. (and that sucks!)

Some of the cool apps which i love and have installed on my HTC Tattoo are: 

1) AK Notepad - Awesome android Notepad. With super awesome features of combining alarm with notepad. It also gives you awesome sharing features too! And the best part - stick it on your screen till you do that work! 
2) Chomp SMS - A beautiful way to make your sms conversations look like chat bubbles! The best part about this app is "Blacklisting" feature. Blacklist all those spammy sms senders!
3) Dolphin Browser - Awesome browser with Firefox like Tab features. Fast and sleek! (Provides multi touch in multi-touch supporting phones!) 
4) Color Flashlight - This is kind of fun app! Makes your phone into a torch! Very helpful in case of power cut off in your area :D
5) Google Sky Map - Point towards the sky and it will show you which star constellation you are looking at! Super Awesome!
6) Net Counter - If your service provider also charges per usage, then this app is very helpful in keeping the check on your usage
7) Nimbuzz - For VOIP calling and chatting. 
8) My Tracks - Records your GPS tracks, good for observing the track, distance etc!
9) Fake-a-call - Nice sleek app to get a fake call to run out of meetings :D
10) Google Maps - Best free navigation ! Updated version has a buzz layer too! If you know of better free navigation apps, do let me know! 

Thanks Sachin .. and some updates

Saturday, February 27, 2010

First of all, let me thank Sachin Tendulkar.. for being the God and the mind blowing innings! And more than that causing a surge of traffic on my blog! This post of mine (click here) has alone being getting 300 unique visitors per day since past 3 days! And the last time i checked, 115 people have shared this post on Facebook!

And now some update on why no update! Blogger is blocked in my new office! Phew! And moreover i am on kinda abstinence from internet these days. Every alternate day I log into FB and leave 20-30 comments and vanish :D . Somehow i have started feeling bored of the internet these days. Everything is getting so repetitive and boring.

People taking moron-like quizzes on Facebook, sending each other ugly ducklings on farm ville, finding their lover of they day and what not! Sooper dooper ultra high intensity crap. I don't have the patience left to sift through the crap and try to find out if anything useful is posted by someone or not. And on twitter, some people are really cool and post so so meaningful / funny things. But the rest only about when they got up, when they slept, with whom they slept, what is their dog eating these days  blah blah blah and some more crap! Total useless stuff!

About my new office - I have completed one week in my new office, and "touch-wood" people seem to have a life here! Majority of people rush to their homes by 6.30 or max 7 pm :) :) :) and also I am kindof liking the newbie attention i am getting right now. Here they also have a fixed seating system and you do not have to shift seats with the new projects! So one can stick, hang and decorate his seats with all the lovey dovey cards etc given by the GF  :D

By the way, wishing you all a very happy , joyful and colorful holi! (And please try to celebrate it with the proper joyful mood instead of just making it a way to touch around all the females in your locality!)  Happy Holi!!

Since you read all the shit

Monday, February 22, 2010

i write here.. so i think you must be interested in reading this too!!

I was 88 Kgs in November.. and now i am 76 Kgs!! Hip Hip Hurray!!!

Alt F4 - Moving on..!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Today is my last day at my First Job.. and as i promised some 29 days back, i am back with a post on this too! Woohoo! I guess someday my friends will stop talking to me and just read the blog to know what's happening in my life. Its nice and easy to click the small X on the top right of your screen as compared to shut me up you see! :D

I was discussing this with some friends few days back - I spent about 2 years and 8 months in this company and duuuude! that is more than 10% of my total life! It is always a .. i wont say hard but i will say a very well thought out decision to move on after such a long association. Phew. But then a point comes in your life when you have to shed your lazyness, make a resume and start the process of moving on in life! (Read - earn more money .. hehe)

When i ponder upon my professional life till now, i kind of noted a certain pattern and which is kind of weird! Here are the designations i have held / will hold from next week -> Analyst , Associate, Assistant Manager . Saw the pattern? Am i in some wrong profession? :O :O :O (If you are the upgraded version of Rakhee sawant but still can not make out the pattern, please read the first 3-4 characters of each designation!) 

Well i am not here to write any good or bad things about my job in here.. i am just here to write logs of one of the important days of my life. And with this i sadly keep my dream startup on the backburner again! There goes the entrepreneur down the drain. So will see you again on the other side (read monday) after 3 days of unemployment! Adios! Ending this post with another cool message...

On the road.. Again!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Travelling ten thousand miles of world is better than reading ten thousand scrolls of books!!

I wont call it a road trip because i am not driving down this time. So lets call it a train trip!!?? Sounds weird!

Neways people i am off to Udaipur for a weekend getaway! Heard its a nice city having some lakes , palaces, Rajasthani food etc. Oh and yeah it is also hosting the epicfail - Rahul Mahajan ka Swyamvar!  Any tips, must visit places, suggestions etc are always welcome.

Although i don't promise that i will be able to visit some cool places and take some nice pics along with the daru breaks, but let us see how much can i cover in that city. Also its soon going to be my last day at Job 1 and then joining the next company immediately, so this is a well deserved party break for me :D

PS: I am moderating the comments as i will be away from the internet during the trip. So don't worry, your comments will be safely stored in my inbox till i come back.

Aand tip of the day - If you are having firangi type spending habits and are under some cool debt - then visit this debt consolidation site.

Nostalgia in the park!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I was in the park trying to shed off the extra kilograms by jogging around ! (I promise i didnt go there to watch hot chicks jog!) aand i saw something which sent me back into flashback! Please bring out your black-and-white flashback glasses and then read on...

I saw some kids playing cricket and then one fat, arrogant and utterly crappy batsmen got out (he was around 10 years old i think) ! And then he suddenly took off with the wickets and bat and starting walking towards home!  Got the point? It was his bat and wickets so he wanted an extra batting!! It so so used to happened with us also during childhood. Parents of such kids always used to buy them cricket kits so that other kids will not bully the crappy kids and kick them out. And then these fat kids were always shitty batsmen and wanted one extra batting - "mera bat hai meri wickets hian.. extra batting do warna main ghar jaa raha hun!!"

While jogging in the flashback mood i suddenly remembered one more game which we used to play during childhood! I SPY!! - Till the point when i came in 10th standard i used to call it aaaaice paaaice ! :D :D In hindi we used to call it chupan-chupai!  And the best part of the game was counting mistakes! Take any kid from the toppers to the last rankers like me, the counting always went like - 1,2,3,4,9,10,20,40,50 :D :D. 

Now when i see kids playing such games, i like the wrong counting part much more than the game itself. It shows the cuteness in the kids and the signs of teamwork in cheating!! Every single of them counts wrong still no one complaints at all!! :D :D . By the way, you dont see kids playing such games anymore these days. Everyone wants to download games and play on their laptops, PS2s and Wiis. 

Duuuude!! Whenever i talk in a tone that "kids these days do this n that" i suddenly start feeling old! :( . 

By the way, its still valentine week going on so here is another awesome message for you all! 

Valentines Week is back again!!

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Aaaaaand if you dont know which day has what significance in valentines week - Please click here 

My last post was meant to be a valentine swyamvar for Agyaani - but it entirely went in another direction. But well there is a very interesting conversation going on in the comments section of that post. Do check that out :D :D

Recently scientists conducted a study that showed 65% of the cards sold on valentines day are purchased by Females!! Well wait, thats just half of the story! - and 100% of the expensive gifts are purchased by guys! :( See the whole story? - You gotta give the expensive-est of the expensive-est gifts so that she can show off to her friends on 15th that what all did my guy gave me. Tera gift mere gift se mehnga kaise? :P :P Even if the guy has to use all his credt cards to his is full limits, take payday loans and what not :D :D

Anyways, i am counting my last days in my first company as of now. And its a funny feeling to be on the notice period. Even if you are working with the full dedication and long hours, you still get to hear that you have started slacking on the work front. And then a point comes when you say - screw you guys, you can never ever assess the proper value of a person and his dedication. Sometimes its just not worth it.

Well, i am feeling too lazy to type anything more as of now, so would end this post with this image -

Hey Boy! Will you be my valentine?

Monday, February 01, 2010

Obviously this post is not for me! I still like girls! Oooooops! I know if i did not rephrase this sentence in the next 3 seconds someone will break my head into a million pieces! "I still like only one girl !" :D This post is for a dudette (she offered me a million dollars to call her a dudette!) friend of mine who after a long long time is being destined forced to spend a valentine alone, sitting with her imaginary puppy on her cold terrace! Sad!

She was looking for ways to hook up with a guy before valentine's day! And guess who came to her rescue!! Yeah thats me! Here are some of my most awesome, mind fcuking, brilliant ideas!!

1) Single and ready to mingle! - Put your relationship status to 'Single' on facebook! All of the guys who 'like' that status have probably been waiting you to put that status for ages! Effortless guy hunting i must say! :D (Just pray to God that someone 'likes' your status :D :D )

2) Garma Garam Chammak Challo!! - Dress up in sizzling hot dresses everyday to the office! Hehe! You are sure to find a Valentine before the valentines days! Money-back guarantee!

3) Shaadi ya barbadi? - Its like a tradition in saadi punjabi weddings. You are most likely to get hooked up there than anywhere else in your entire life! Go and attend all the marriages of your friends, relatives, neighbours, ex bf/gf , unknown people on the road or your kung fu class friends! Make sure you check these tips before you go!

4) This one is a copyrighted idea - Create a Twitter hastag for yourself, like #Jhaansi-Ki-Raani-Wants-A-Boyfriend and then ask your friends, and their friends to retweet it! And then everyone else starts retweeting it! Suddenly you see your name as trending topic on twitter! You get 5000 new followers on Twitter. Ab usme ek to kaam ka banda hoga hi yaar!

5) Sex and the City style - Arrange a singles party! Put julab-ki-goli in every girls drink! Hijack any one of the guys out there, while your friends have a nice day in the washroom! :D :D :D

6) Comics - All girls like funny and humorous guys! Oh yes i have been reading all stupid matrimonial ads on sunday - "I would like to marry a guy who can make me laugh my entire life!" - abe sala pati chahiye ki cartoon network ka lifetime subscription!!. Just create a blank comic and float around a comic contest where people have to fill up dialogs in your comic and then you can select the most humorous cartoon you want to spend your Valentine's day with! (oops i meant the cartoon creator, you want to spend your V-day with!) hi hi hi :D

7) Ideas Invited!! (read the full post for details!)

And using all above tactics, you are still not able to find a guy till 12th Feb, Its the time to press the panic button!!! Use the following three methods in this case only!

8) Frandsheep!- Accept all the fraandsheep requests on Orkut, Facebook, and whichever shitty social network you are a part of! The guys sending those requests are not only single but desperate too! :D . Disclaimer - forgot to add, along with being single and desperate, those guys are biggg loosers. Beware!

9) Create a pyaar-ka-sandesh! - Create 5000 copies of it (obviously using the office printer) and pass it on to all the barista and CCD so that they use it on their trays! Cheap Instant publicity! And ofcourse you can add an Ipod or Ipad to one lucky winner who applied to your Valentine Swyamvar! :D

10) Start sending bulk smses like all those builders these days! - "Dynamic, spacious and ready to move in apartments :D . Booking amount Rs 1,000. Just 3 days left!!" :D :D :D. I know this idea sucks and i am gonna get so much bashing for writing it here!! HA HA HA

So did you like my fantabulous ideas :D ?

So here is the deal about point 7 !! ; I wanted to make it a list of top 10 ways but could think of only 9! So one is left out for the you all to fill! The more humorous and mind blasting it is, the better are your chances to take this dudette out on 14th Feb. :D -- Agyaani

Oh yeah you read it right! She has decided to pick one of the best ideas and yeah she is like every other normal girl who like humorous guys :D

Even if you are a female, you can participate (i may be free on some days u see :D ) What say guys? Ready to rack your brain and create such a cheap mind boggling idea? Give your answers in the comments - click here