IIT results are out!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Its been 7 years!

Back in 2003, i too had my share of tense days and nights waiting for the bloody IITs to declare the results! I forgot the date but i still remember the whole drama scene at home when my results were out. Its a strange thing that the bodily fluids (and solids!) start exerting pressure in the wrong places and at wrong times during tense moments. I remember going for the long term fixed deposit (read SHIT) at-least 5 times that morning! And yeah i was in one of those relieving trips when one of my friends called and told my result! Back in those days, internet was a scarce commodity..

I was no different from any other IIT aspirant, who day and night imagined his photograph in the newspapers standing with the head of the coaching centers and praising the God-forbidden earth-shattering teaching practices of the awesome-est teachers of that institute! Obviously, i would and could have written more praising stuff had i topped the exam and yeah, there is no free lunch and there is no free praise!! :D

Anyways, god and murphy both are jerks. I got a much lower rank (thank god!) than expected and had to settle with IT BHU instead of my (parent's) long standing dream of IIT Delhi. Phew. All in all, i think it was one of the rare good things that happen to my screwed up life.! Instead of the cut-throat-mean-cheap competition between the batch-mates of IIT Delhi, it was really really cool to find much friendly, not-giving-a-shit-towards-life friends in BHU!

Anyways, wishing all the best to the people and their relatives who got selected in IITs and heartily congratulating all those who didn't get through! Atleast you people have an option of taking the road not taken (link) by everyone else in this world! Go out do something else, something which you really like, and i bet you will be a much happier fellow 10 years down the line (link)!!

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