These tellecallers i tell you!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tring Tring

Female: Hello Saaar (in the most seductive sound she can make). Saar, we are selling insurance for business . Is this a good time to talk!
Me: I am shitting sitting in the washroom lady! Can i please have some privacy here!
Female: No issues sir, i will hold the line!
Me: !!!!!!

You all know my love for the tellecallers! And i again ask the question! How the fcuk they get my number? Do company people seriously think that i will buy a house because u sent me an SMS saying Sale Sale Sale!! or any company would like you to explain types of business insurance in your bhojpuri accented English!  Seriously, even if i have to waste 5 minutes a day giving them the most random answers and have some fun, that is an utter waste of time and sanity! And if any of you live in or around Delhi, you must be knowing the pain of getting 20 SMSes per day from those random builders selling cheapest possible homes! No offence to the people working there, but i think they should be jailed for causing mental trauma and emotional disorders to poor folks like me !! !

Since we are talking about all the random things in the world, another random news of the day is tomorrow is my birthday! Oh yeah, i am getting old! Phew. By the way, TFB rulebook says - Thou shalt not work on thy birthday! Thats why i have taken a leave (yet again!) from office, and i plan to spend it in the most luxurious way possible - Sleeping! :D :D :D
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