Google says to China - Screw You!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

"No one has got three balls, but some people have got two very good ones!" - Furobiker

Every person / company and insect has a temperament limit, but only so few of them have the courage to stand up and atleast raise their voice if not kick someone's ass. I only loved Google till few days back, but now i have a deep respect for it from the bottom of my heart!

Someone has the guts in the world to stand up against China. Everyone knows that Google was very uncomfortable from the beginning in showing the censored results in its Chinese version of Google search (available through And finally when it realized that not only its search results were being censored to show half truths in China, it also discovered that its Gmail services were being attacked in China to get more information about Human rights activists! So it has finally announced that it will show normal un-censored results on its search engines, be it any part of the world. It doesnt even care about its USD 600 million revenues, which it earns in China,  when there is a question on its ethics and its integrity! Respect!

Ofcourse the arrogant Chinese government has issued a statement, "If you want to do business in China, you gotta go by our rules". So soon its gonna be a bye bye from Google to China. Go Chinese people and keep reading only positive news about china from your positively yours Chinese search engine Baidu! I just remember a small story from the childhood days. By closing its yes or turning away its face, the pigeon can not avoid being eaten by the cat!

Its a free world, therefore it should have a free internet also. And by free i mean everyone should have the right to speak freely and read freely what others are saying!

I can sum up by saying, while the US government can never muster up enough courage to do such a thing, Google has done it by just supporting the right and raising its voice against the wrong!
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