Sidwa Jaag Gaya

Monday, October 26, 2009

Got the joke? No? Dumbass!

When someone says Sidwa Jaag Gaya.. means they have watched Wake up Sid! I was so mesmerized by the song Iktara from the movie that i posted it on my blog as son as i came back! Overall i would give 4.86 stars out of 5. I would have given it all 5 stars if they had taken a better looking female instead of Konkana. I mean i like her acting too much but from the recent trend of skin show on the movies, my subconscious mind has higher expectations! ( am i talking like your boss? Oh m sorry, you are free to throw shoes on me!)

Disclaimer: If you did not like this movie, i am not talking to you ever!

The movie was about a guy who thinks the only purpose of his parent's action 23 years 9 months back was to make someone who can spend all their money. And finally when one fine day they stop him from spending their money, only then he becomes curious about the real reason for his conception. On deep digging, he is told by his mother that the real purpose of making him was that his dad wanted to become a child fotographer! Understood? Or you would tag it like most of my friend's relationship status. "Complicated!!"

Jokes apart.. I just looved the movie. The movie had humor, entertainment, sentiments, and most of all .. It shows that no matter if you are on the top of the pyramid or the bottom, it just takes a small effort and some guts to achieve your dreams.  All you need is perseverance and luck. Don't worry, everyone can make money, but the real fun of life is making money while doing what you love!

The best quote from the movie

Ranbeer: Are you a writer?
Konkana: Nahi, main writer nahi hoon, but one day, I will be!

Girls: Stop drooling on my blog.. chi chi

Iktara - Wake up sid

Saturday, October 24, 2009

So this is the song of the week!! Enjoy the video !! (scroll down for lyrics)

O re manwa tu to bawra hai
Tu hi jaane tu kya sochta hai
Tu hi jaane tu kya sochta hai

Kyun dikhaye sapne tu sote jaagte
Jo barsein sapne boond boond
Nainon ko moond moond
Nainon ko moond moond
Jo barsein sapne boond boond
Nainon ko moond moond
Kaise main chaloon
Dekh na sakoon
Anjaane raaste

Goonja sa hai koi ektara iktara
Goonja sa hai koi ektara
Goonja sa hai koi ektara iktara

Goonja sa hai koi ektara
Goonja sa hai koi ektara iktara
Goonja sa hai koi ektara
Goonja sa hai koi ektara iktara
Goonja sa hai koi ektara

Sun rahi hoon sudhbudh kho ke
Koi main kahani
Puri kahani hai kya kisi hai pata
Main to kisiki ho ke yeh bhi na jaani
Ruth hai yeh do pal ki ya rahegi sada
Kise hai pata
kise hai pata

Jo barsein sapne boond boond
Nainon ko moond moond
Nainon ko moond moond
Jo barsein sapne boond boond
Nainon ko moond moond
Kaise main chaloon
Dekh na sakoon
Anjaane raaste

Goonja sa hai koi ektara iktara
Goonja sa hai koi ektara
Goonja sa hai koi ektara iktara
Goonja sa hai koi ektara
Goonja sa hai koi ektara iktara
Goonja sa hai koi ektara
Goonja sa hai koi ektara iktara
Goonja sa hai koi ektara

Jackwa aur Jilwa

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I just loved this spoofed up version of Jack and Jill created by Raju Srivastav on Bigg Boss 3 !!

Jackwa aur Jillwa,

Chade upar hillwa,
Jackwa aur Jillwa

Paniya bharan ke waaste,
ho ho paniya bharan ke waaste,
Jackwa aur Jillwa

Jackwa gir gaya,
Sirwa phoot gaya,
Jillwa gayi ulat pulat, saare raaste

Jackwa aur Jillwa

Chade upar hillwa,
Jackwa aur Jillwa

Diwali Greetings!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Have a very very happy, safe and prosperous Diwali.!! 

The one where abby gets nostalgic

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Venue: Barista Washroom
Time: Time to pee

I was busy with stuff in the washroom, where three guys were standing, adjusting their super cool hairstyle and talking. (Ok, i wont make fun of them as it seemed they came for job interview in some company and hence wanted to look their best). Guy 1 had apparently done with his interview and was tipping the other 2 guys about the interview procedure.

Guy 2: (with a shiver in his voice) Are these guys asking about college grades (CGPA) also?
Guy 1: (seemed like a topper, oiled hair and a big specs on his nose) Yeah, ofcourse. Or else how would they know how much you learnt at college (dekha!! mera shak yakeen mein badal gaya, only toppers utter such motherly sentences)
Guy 2: Shit man! You know i was sick (or something equally crappy) in the first semester of college and had low grades. I hope they dont give too much stress on that
Guy 1: Baaki sab semesters mein to theek grade hain na?
Guy 2: Haan just in the first semester i had 7 point something. In rest all i have 8.5 +
( my jaw dropped till it was just half a centimeter above the pot! These freaking guys are nerds, geniuses, maggus or what???!)

And on the top of it, Guy 1 says : I hope they dont look at your semester 1 grades. You should have got at least one 9 point something to cover up the goof up in first semester!! (WTF!! WTF WTF !!)

Guy 3 who was just standing without interrupting their conversation spoke for the first time now

Guy 3: Bhaad mein jao saalon! Poori zindagi padte rehna aur rote rehna. I never ever got above 6.5 in a single semester, and here look at my appointment letter!


Guy 1 and Guy 2 went out mumbling something and i remembered something from the final year of my college.

....I insulted two toppers in the same way in a same washroom situation 3 years back.. Good old days!!....

Do cameramen like watching people eat?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Finally after a week, the video recording guys delivered the DVD of the function. I must say i liked the editing, mixing and the special effects they added to the videos! (For the special effects part.. i am looking thin!! and errr.. not sooo drunk in most part of the video! )

I think the camera people have special affinity to shoot people while they are eating! And i loved watching people holding plates full of every thing they could find around and that was eatable, and still they were looking here and there as if they are holding it while the other person went to attend the nature's call!! Ofcourse this was just to show on camera that they do not eat so much!

Bhai sahab ( and in most of the cases behanji, your size shows that the plate belonged to you!) And please do not forget that only for today we are hosts, rest of the times we are guests like you! :D :D A recent survey showed that about 93% of our punjabi junta goes to wedding so that they do not have to cook at home and can try different dishes at the same place.. The price is fixed of course (which you pay in a small golden envelope making small small hearts outside ;) )

By the way, i am enjoying an extended weekend this week, and next Friday is an off too! (Choti diwali you see!) This is the benefit of recession, companies start giving holidays even if your neighbors dog is sneezing! So this is another 3 day working week for me! I am loving it!!

TGIF - Thank God its Friday

Friday, October 09, 2009

There is no reason for this post! I do not have anything to write even. It is just that i saw this beautiful flower on a website so thought of posting it here.

Have a Great Weekend!

And thank you all for the wishes on the previous post!

Aaj mere maa baap ki shaadi hai !!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

When i heard this song for the first time, i was like totally in love with it. I have no clue why..Ok i know this is a cheap remix of aj mere yaar ki shaadi hai .. but you should know whose blog you are reading :)

Finally i got a reason to sing this song after so many years.Yes, this sunday it was my Mom and Dad's silver jubilee Marriage Anniversary!!! The celebrations went on in three phases:

Round 1
Had to wake up at 7am! There was a havan at home. Our family punditjee came to perform the havan. (If you guys can have family doctors, why cant i have a family pundit? ). The havan ceremony was cool with me half asleep and smoke all around! Phew. Attended by only 5 members in my home. (Who the hell would come from outside to attend a havan at 7 am? Yeah, laziness runs in the genes!)

Round 2
Finally the lazy close relatives woke up and reached my home by lunch. The lunch party was for the closest relatives (mamas, massis, chachas and buas and their families). It continued till late afternoon, post which all the male members ran out of home to some or the other work! And the female members organized a ladies sangeet function.. Singing all sasural genda fool type of songs ( i seriously never heard a single song which they sang ever before! ) (and what was i doing there? I was the official fotographer :D )

Round 3
Everyone vanished from home! Females stocked up to the parlor to get ready (seriously? they din learn how to get ready till now? In so many years?) anyways.. It was a punjabi function, so we did not expect any guests till over 1.5 hours of the time on invitations! Anyways my mom is the most punctual of all family members. She reached the venue only 1 hour late than the decided time! And i reached the venue 2 hours late! (ok, dont give me dirty stares! I was the official bar-tender for the evening! Hic!)

The party was ekdum dhinchak... with only close people invited ( i never knew i had over 150 close people?)
The main items of the evening were
1) Cake in the shape of 25
2) Champagne flying ceremony (obviously by the official bar-tender)
3) Jaimala ceremony
4) Ring exchange ceremony - I tried a lot that my dad should propose my mom.. but guess he was shy :D ..

The DJ was awesome.. he started "Tujhe doohla kinne banaya bhootni ke" song as soon as my dad came on the stage! The tempo on the DJ rose from there and didn't come down till the next 2-3 hours till he finally played "jab koi baat bigad jaaye.." song (my mom and dad practiced the couple dance only on this song! So they din do it on any other slow song :D )The party was awesome! Had some nice fun and a lot of you know bar-tender stuff :D .. and yeah.. a lot of memories to cherish !

This was the reason why i was busy over past so many days! And a hearty thanks to my sis and massi to force me to do preparations for the party.. otherwise you know.. laziness runs in the genes :D

Are all Teachers hypocrites?

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Atleast i believe so! Just wanted to know your opinion!

I mean you all must be remembering the strict attendance rules in your colleges. If you don't have 75%(90% in some cases) attendance, you will loose 5% of your marks, or worse if you are a student of Banaras Hindu University, you will have to loose one year and study the full year again! Oh yes, this happened to a lot of people i know. And when those poor kids begged in front of teachers to give one or two attendance so that they can achieve their 75% target limit, the teachers used to shoo them off!

But this news made me so happy, i cant tell you! (click here)

Go you blood suckers! You Loose!

PS: For additional reading, go to Abi's blog. He is a super senior from my alma matter. The post is from a teachers perspective, but i loved some of the comments!

Edited to add - I called them hypocrites because they as students to attend all the stupid classes, but when government asks them to do 40 hours a week, they start crying that they wont be able to do research and blah blah! Not Fair!

Jab google ne Gandhi ko salami di

Friday, October 02, 2009

Gandhi Logo on Google Homepage

To hamari kya aukat hai ki hum na dein! ..

Happy Birthday Gandhi Ji (Bapu)

This is my favorite of Gandhi thoughts ... Respect Humanity!!