Happy Dusshera

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Furobiker and The Ravan ...

These are the pics i took while going towards Rajouri Garden today. There is a big big market for Ravans on the way. Every year i see hundreds of Ravan heads lying on the road, (they are all empty from inside :D ) its just that the freaky part in me today decided to take a snap with them.

Kya aapke toothpaste mein namak hai?

Wishing you all a very Happy Dusshera. :)

It is the time when i ditch my Mafia

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Yes, i got pissed off and i removed Mafia Wars from my facebook profile. I have been thinking a lot from the past few days, that the length of each day should be about 48 hours. After a lot of thought i finally decided that i gotta stuff everything in this 24 hours day only.. and hence removing each and every unnecessary thing in my life..

So with a great pain in my heart i declare that i removed Mafia Wars game from my Facebook account. My orkut account is no longer in use.. i check it every month or so. I am not deleting my facebook and twitter just because its too much pain to find and add so many people again when i have more time in my life. So consider this a bye bye to social networking sites. Dont expect any response from my side on those sites for the next few months atleast.

PS: I have automated the blog-link-posting on twitter and facebook using RSS feeds.


The Boy, The Girl and The Monk

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

No one ever thought that a book like "The Monk who Sold his Ferrari" could bring two people together.. by the way, both of them hate the book to the core!

I guess the things could never had been the same if The Girl had not asked The Boy about any random suggestions for good books to read.. and The Boy had not suggested her such a book, with the only intention to irritate her!

As we recollect the memories, the girl hated the book so much that she lighted fire to the book and boiled eggs on it!

And few more book suggestions and a couple of dozen boiled eggs later The Girl said YES!

...on this very same day, few years back...

Problems with Google Custom Domains and Google Webmaster Tools

Saturday, September 12, 2009

*** Techie Post Alert ***

So as all of you know that i shifted from blogspot hosted blog to a custom domain blog.
Just two days later i checked google webmaster tools. The sitemap was giving an error on all my submitted sitemaps. As shown in the image
(click to enlarge)

Which actually made sense, as i was using the old url in the webmaster tools and my feed has all the addresses pointing to http://www.thefurobiker.com links. Which obviously dont match with each other.

So the second thing i tried was creating a new account for the new domain. Now the problems should have been fine, right? Wrong! My settings in the Blogger settings were set to my feedburner address.. And Webmaster tools only accepts the XML feeds, and it was taking my XML feeds(redirected to feedburner) as a webpage and hence was unable to read that!!
(click to enlarge)

The next thing i tried was submitting the feed URL as atom.xml?redirect=false this should have prevented the redirect of the feed to feedburner.. But i think there are some glitches in the google custom domain redirecting. So instead of finding anything that can be a 404, it redirects the link to the homepage!! And due to some reason i was not able to work with it!

Final Solution!!

1) Check in your domain settings if [[Redirect all to www] has been activated or not. This feature basically displays your address as http://www.thefurobiker.com even if you enter http://thefurobiker.com . Its good to have a consistent domain address to have better rankings in Google

2) So if you are not able to find the above feature then just submit your URL as http://www.your-domain-name.com to google webmaster tools. If you have deactivated the above feature then you can add either http://your-domain-name.com or http://www.your-domain-name.com to google webmaster tools.

3) Submit your feed as atom.xml?redirect=false . And check back few hours later. If it is giving any errors, then you have to remove post feed redirect url (refer to image above, the box should be kept blank) and then just submit atom.xml as your feed

4) Finally your feed will work now. Go back and pat on your back and make yourself a big tub of popcorn and grab some beer! It was indeed a tough task!

Any queries? click here to ask me . I have spend too many hours playing with this that there wont be any way to do it wrong that i dont know of!! :D

Welcome to the city of Great Lakes - New Delhi

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Where every nook and corner is submerged in water..
The cab guys carry Table Tennis Bats (link) so that as soon as the cab starts floating in the water in some great (drain on the road) lake, people can open the doors and start rowing!

Some Radio Jockey played awesome music today on radio! Titanic theme song! And there was water everywhere i could see.. All that was missing in my cab was Kate Winslet (i am not bothered about the spelling of her name!)

The Furobiker Group issues a health advisory to carry safety flotation jackets (as shown in the image) to reach the office safely (If you dont know swimming of course!)

Wishing you all a very happy ..swimming..errr..chai pakoda weekend in advance!

No exams for CBSE class X students !!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I bet that after reading this news, most of the people would have wished.. kaash main 20 saal baad paida hua hota" (You can replace that 20 saal with the number of years between now and the time you passed out of class X)

I know most of the females would say i just passed out of class X couple of years back! "Meri twacha se meri umra ka pata hi nahi chalta!!"

But on a serious note, it would prevent many parents from doing the grim sin of telling lies to their kids! "Beta bas 10th mein 90% marks le aa.. teri to life settle ho jayegi!!" And the poor kids study day and night, totally unaware of the next few preachings coming in the next few years

Beta.. 11th mein science mil jaye.. to life settle ho jayegi!
Beta IIT mein admission ho jaye to life settle ho jayegi!
Beta college mein 8 ka CGPA aa jaye to life ban jayegi!
Beta bas teri ek acchi naukri lag jaye.. to life ban jayegi!
Beta CAT mein 100 percentile le aa.. kissi ek IIM mein ho jaye to life ban jayegi!
Beta meri marzi ki ladki se shaadi kar le .. teri life ban jayegi!!

Ok .. leave about the sentences in between.. but first and the last sentence to sabhi ne suna hoga! Although i am not particularly interested in painting but whenever my mom asks me to study for MBA (CAT , GMAT and other blah blah) i give the example of the kid in tare zameen par! Dekho maa.. wo bhi meri tarah padai likhai mein kamzor tha.. fir bhi uska hidden talent(painting) use kitni door le gaya!

Chataaak! And then comes a flying chappal and hits me on the head!

Kaash main 50 saal pehle paida hu hota .. jab MBA naam ki koi cheez hi nahi thi :( !!!

To the world's best ..

Friday, September 04, 2009

..and my first teacher..

Happy Teachers Day Mom!!

I should remember that..

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

...All the married guys and girls i meet in any family function, i should never ever randomly say Namaste Aunty and Namaste Uncle to them!

I didnt realize that those guys are just a couple of years older to me!!?? I mean once upon the time it was just a normal thing for me to say Namaste to every other married folk i met in the marriages coz i was of the young lot! (and frankly i never bothered to know who the other person is .. all i cared was where are the food stalls!) Just tell me where the food stalls .. especially the Campa-Cola stall is and i will say namaste twice to you !

But aaj meri aankhen khul gai when i was introduced as Cha-Cha to this Gentleman! ! !

OK! He got bored of me :(

Seems i am growing old a little too fast? or is the world also moving at the same pace and only its me who is oblivious to the fact?