Pathankot mein bhayyaji ne dekha Cinema!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

So here comes a post from my trip.

While coming back to Delhi, we had to catch a train from Pathankot. We reached a few hours too early in Pathankot! So what to do? We decided to watch Love aaj kal ...again! There is a cinema hall just outside the bus stand in Pathankot, so here goes the whole movie watching incident!

First of all i was literally shocked, with my jaw touching the ground when i shouted Kyaaaaaa (visualize it in ekta kapoor style serial with showing my face from three different angles) to the guy selling tickets! Platinum lounge tickets ( a special area in the balcony ) only for Rs 70 !! By the way they did not print any seat numbers on the ticket!
When i entered the lounge and asked for my seat, the TC (ticket checker) said "arre sir kahi bhi baithieye.. apni hi jagah hai!!" But the hall was a good one, very neat and clean and only 4-5 people in the whole cinema + my gang. And then what happened was the most hilarious incident of my life!
Dhupppp!!! Lights went out!

Me: Abe kya hua?
TC: Sirjee light chali gai!!
(few mins later generator pulls in and movie restarts)

Me: Abe ab kya hua??
TC: Sirjee generator mein tel (diesel) khatam ho gaya hai.. Chotu gaya hai tel lene.. bas aata hi hoga!

(few mins later chotu fills the generator with diesel and the movie restarts)

Cheeeeen!! ( The side door opens filling the whole hall with light)

ME: Abe!!!
TC: Sirjee wo Mr XXX(some big guy) is coming, bas 2 min

Then comes a 225 pound big guy with his wife and another female.. And then the movie starts! Thankfully there were no disturbances till the interval! During the interval i went to washroom. There was a 12-13 year old kid playing kushti(wrestling) with the tap! 

Me: kya kar raha hai bhai?
Kid: I want to wash my hands and this tap isn't throwing out any water!
Me: Dude.. it is a sensor based tap, keep your hands 1 cm away and it will start! 
Kid: AAila! 

I went for a Long Term Fixed Deposit . When i came back after good 5 mins, the kid was again wrestling with the TAP!! 

ME: Abe ab tak kya kar raha hai?
Kid: This tap isnt closing!
Kid: Bade pagal log hain.. itna complicated tap banaya hai to instructions kyu nahi likhte??
ME: AAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

I banged my head on the washbasin ! 

Sala aisa mere sath hi kyu hota hai hamesha!! Anyways watching the movie in such a hall with such a great audience is a fun it itself and i am not lying! :D :D :D

The sweetest video i have ever seen

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What do you think?

The Golden Gate, San Francisco !!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another weekend .. another trip !!

I know i know.. i have not updated you all about my trip on the previous weekend.. but this weekend also i went on a trip!! This time to Haridwar and Rishikesh!!

By the way the hangover of the movie love aj kal still remains on me.. This is a pic of me with the famous Laxman jhoola .. or was it ram jhoola ? I mean with one of those jhoola's in Rishikesh! more pics to come !!

Abby with the Indian Golden Gate!!
The jhoola without any weird people posing in front of it :D

Look whose back!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hello people..

I am back from my 5 days of vacation. I covered Pathankot, Dharamshala and McLeod Ganj during the time.. There are lots and lots of stories to tell from the trip.. Be back tomorrow to read some interesting ;) incidents from the trip..

By the way.. People are so concerned about me.. Check out this link..atleast 8 people mailed me this link (click here to read)

The colors of Independence

Thursday, August 13, 2009

FYI = For Your Information

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I found this image couple of days back, and thought it is an appropriate one for the people putting in their noses in everyone else's affairs! Everyone of us can apply it figuratively in each scenario! The bottom line is 
"Mind your own fcuking business!!"

Desi love story mein hamesha ladkiyon ka naam hi kyu pehle aata hai??

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Yeah you guessed it right .. i am talking about Love Aaj Kal.. !! And as sant Abby said.. there are two kinds of people in this world..

First . who loved Love Aaj Kal

Second.. Who dont have a taste of good movies!! (yeah yeah.. i know you love those mindless angrezi movies where you need subtitles to understand what are people saying..!! and you just watch them to show off in front of your uneducated friends like me !! )

Bhaisahab hum log to aam aadmi hain .. Mango People !! we slumdogs are illiterate when it comes to angrezi movies.. and as my mom calls them .. wo jhaadoo pe udne wala ladka (potter!) But wo rishie kapoor ka touch and wo us zamane ka pyar karne ka style.. waah! And if you did not like the movie.. then you are not mango people.. you are probably a Green-Mango-More ! (go figure out! ) :D :D :P

And what can i say about meri deepika padu-kone ki smile.. waaaaaaaaaaaah.. aur main bhi ye sankalp leta hun..

"is janam mein aur har janam mein... yehi meri votti banegi "

Rishie uncle ki acting bhi ekdum dhinchak hai .. And that dialogue "hamare zamane mein to ye kuch kuch shaadi ke baad hota tha.. tum log to pehle kuch kuch karte ho fir poochte hi behanji .. aapka naam kya hai :D :D :D kya dialogue mara boss.. but hai re meri phooti kismat.. aisi koi behanji ajtak nahi mili life mein !! :(( :((

Here is my fav song from the movie!

By the way.. i loved the 1960's wali love story more (with the exclusive punjabi touch ) .. Which one was your fav story in the movie?? Ok now just dont say Deepika wali .. kuch to sharam kar sale.. teri hone wali bhabhi hai !! Ja tu harleen kaur se kaam chala le :D :D

Bacche ki madad karo

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

I got this mail from Sparsh .. one of the few geniuses i have met in life! And this is a first time he has asked me to help him. I am publishing his mail below.. do spend 2 minutes on helping him

Hope this email finds you in good health. I need a quick favor from you and would be glad if you can devote a couple of minutes and read rest of the email and give me some very useful data for my MSc thesis.

All I want from you is to visit the website:

Read the instructions on the webpage and then you would be shown a dummy shopping portal comparison webpage. You then need to surf on the shopping portal webpage normally and choose the best model you would potentially buy. Once you have decided, simply click the 'Buy Now' button. You need not to give any further details there and ofcourse you won't be charged (and you won't get any laptop as well).

There are a couple of hidden layers (Javascripts) in the background that will automatically collect loads of data. I will later use that data to run some Machine Learning procedures for my research.

Incase you want further details about the work I am doing or you have a feedback, comment or query Or you just want to wish me luck, please hit the reply button.

P.S. I would get even more data which would certainly help me achieving better results, if you do the whole procedure multiple times :D (after refreshing the webpage)


Sparsh Gupta
MSc Computer Science
University of Oxford

Happy Rakhsha Bandhan Kiddo sis

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I recently saw the chocolate ad in which the gal says to her brother.. that you should tie a rakhee to my hand as i save you from mummy's scoldings! I felt like ekdum sacchi boli re baba! My kiddo sis also saves me from mummy's scoldings all the time! She din even pass on all the complaints my teachers used to send (yeah we were in same school for some 5 years) And moreover she used to go to my teaches to say, yes maam ..maine mummy ko complaint kar di :D :D :D

I never understood the fashion of having chocolates as rakhshabandhan gift! But she insists so i gotta get the chocolate pack everytime on rakhee(along with the money filled packet which has a one rupee coin sticking on the outside!!) Although i insist on getting her a paperweight so that she doesn't fly off in the wind :D :D .. Oh yeah.. she is also bitten by the size zero bug initiated by Kareena-shahid-to-saif-kapoor..

And yeah .. her temper is the same as this kiddo in the ad :) .. you bet she will throw everything from tea, coffee, to shoes on my head if i din get her a pack of chocolates this rakhshabandhan!

Happy Rakhshabandhan Sissy! and thanks for being my savior all my life..

PS:And thanks for not telling mom about my secret girlfriends in school (secret because no one knew about my girlfriends in schools , not even the girls involved :P :P )

Rakhee Sawant marries Elesh Parujanwala in the finale

Sunday, August 02, 2009

And with this.. the chapter of Rakhee Sawant ends on this blog!

Wo actually main ek sundar, susheel aur sanskari ladka hun to doosro ke maal pe nazar nahi dalta :P :P

Finally after a lot of drama and poems by rakhee and her gang, and after 25 advertisement breaks of some condom and some 72 hours contraceptive pills, Rakhee selected a guy from Toronto, with the cool hair(less) style! (She wanted someone to be older than her age.. errr... Not this old i suppose!! )

Seriously i felt like shouting.. kya naatak hai ye! But then someone rephrased it and said.. Kya bakwaas hai ye!!

Adios for now! The Furobiker will follow Katrina Kaif now..  I heard she is still single ;)  ;)  :)

Khush hai zamana aaj pehli tareekh hai !!

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Bhai log.. aapka hardik swagat hai is blog pe pehli tareekh ko! Aur doosri khushi ki baat hai ki aaj rakhee ki shaadi bhi hai.. isi khushi mein kuch meetha ho jaye.. (hic! )

Waise i was thinking life has become so monotonous these days.. Same old people in the cab, same old corner in the office..and on the top of it, there are no hot or even warm girls in the new batch of freshers that have joined the office.. phew.. sala mera to badluck hi kharab hai!!

Whenever i think about the first pehli tareekh(ofcourse of the 2nd month in office when i got my first salary)  in office.. khushi ke mare meri aankhen bhar aati hain.. i was on cloud 16.. (cloud 9 + i was on 7th floor at that time :P ) when i saw my account with my first salary! From a cash stripped .. fakir-style-life with no-money-for-beer-engineer i suddenly became thoda ameer.. and had dreams of buying a merc on installments .. but later on that day i did realize that prices in delhi are much higher than prices in banaras ! Here i could only afford a hotwheels merc with my first slumdog salary(  can you hear the sound of my crashing dreams?) .. nevertheless it was a great moment of happyness and pride.. (yeah yeah.. i know people will scold me for incorrect spelling of happyness.. but as someone said.. there can not be a happyness with an I in between.. ).. and yeah a nice dinner in Parikrama - the revolving restaurant in cannaught place.. :) :)

I always had a dream of having my first salary in a brown packet.. from which i could take out a note and write a date and time on it.. and keep it framed on my wall.. so that one day (60 years later of course) when i become a bada aadmi.. (the definition of bada aadmi is the guy who is so fat that he can not open his car door himself and his driver has to run to open the door for him! ) yeah.. so when i become a bada aadmi and press reporters are at my home to take my interview, i could show them how pathetic my first income was and how long way i have traveled!!

But sadly the rate at which my salary is increasing, i can extrapolate it to be twice the starting amount in the next 60 years!! Hey bhagwaan mujhe is recession se bachao!!

So do you also have some nice memories of your first tareekh??