The whole Pravesh Rana episode

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

First of all let me declare - It was the craziest day on my blog today. In less than 20 hours my blog witnessed 3000 visitors, 6500 pageviews, over 300 comments out of which i had to delete about 50 for being too abusive. Thanks Bigg Boss !!

Some sort of fight started in the comments. Genuine people were cursing for showing utter disrespect to the most important thing in life - Food. And there seemed to be some planted guys, who wanted to counter the genuine people and show some good sides of pravesh. Actually face it, there is no positive side of that guy, so they were trying to blame Vindu dara singh and Poonam Dhillon for the episode.

Someone sent a stark link in the comments - You all must have heard when pravesh mentioned about his agency who sent him. So people did a research and found an agency.The article on agency's site already gave his strategy as soon as he entered the house. He went in there with a plan of pataoing Claudia or Shamita! So now everyone knows he is a fake guy who already had a plan in mind.

By the way - Pravesh apologised to Vindu and Poonam for throwing food. But will he be able to heal the hearts of the poor common people of India who barely get food once in 2 days?
Was it a total planned event to increase the TRPs or is it another spolt brat claiming to be a stupid common man of India?
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