If and when i become the president

Saturday, December 12, 2009

The first and only rule i would like to create will be

"Ban all the women drivers from driving anywhere in or around Delhi if not whole India!!!"

I mean i dont give a damn about terrorism, politics, corruption, recession or any other such shitty thing. What annoys me the most  is female drivers!!  For Gods sake, why do you have to drive in the center of the road or on the extreme right! Here are some definitions to help you!

Overtaking lane - a lane in which you drive to overtake other vehicles, not the lane where you drive at 20kmph so that everyone overtakes you from the left hand side!

Rearview mirror - A mirror inside the car, with the only purpose of its existence to use it to watch the traffic behind you. It is not to be used on every red-light to see your face and cover it with the skin color liquid, or color your eyes with that black sketch-pen! I observe it every morning!

Driving Seat - it is a chair like thing where you sit, steering wheel is not the place where you should sit and watch the front end of your car!!

I have always been wondering, why do female drivers hang on the top of their steering wheels to see the front end of the car? They fear someone will steal their furry pink teddy bear stickers from the bonnet of their car? :D :D

Waise on the second thoughts, i would not like them to completely vanish from roads, or else how would i bear my 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening on the road! :D :D

The president declares a free driver for any female who wants to go somewhere, but dont drive puhlease!!

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