The story of my life ..

Friday, November 20, 2009

When i first saw this ad on TV, main Rakhuu darling ki kasam kha ke kehta hun .. meri aankhon mein aansu aa gaye the !!

This has been the story of my life all through 4  years of my engineering! Sometimes when i sit and think about those good old days, i always wondered why didn't any good looking or even bad looking girl talked to me! This ad showed me exactly why! Buuuhuuuuu

By the way, i remember a very popular line from the single and desperate mechanical engineers guidebook. There is no word like "bad looking females". Females either look good or they look very good. Phew. What more can you expect from the students of a department which in the 90 years of its existence never felt the need to create a female loo in the department. Anyway, there were no females to use it even if it was created!

And finally the Techie news of the day: Google Chrome OS is gonna come soon soon real soon!!! Try out at your own risk as of now!!
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