Has the marriage season come again??

Monday, November 23, 2009

Practically everybody, almost everybody around me is getting married !! There are atleast 6 marriage invitations lying at my home, and my parents are tossing coins on which one to attend and which one to give a busy tone. Approximately 20 people in my office are getting married. Leave alone weekdays, even on weekends there is a huge huge jam of people driving idiotically sitting in suits and sarees. Is the whole world getting marrying? I am the only bachelor left in this world?

Recently my mom -dad also got married (again!) .. Even a couple of my friends have also got married (not with each other of course)

You know the good part about this season .. ofcourse good and free food. Well you cant exactly call it free food as you have to pay for it in a colored envelope by putting some amount in it and sticking a shining one rupee coin on the outer side. I have seen people are more worried about that one rupee coin rather than big amount inside. And the weird part about those envelopes - People create so much fuss on the amount to be kept inside. "He/she is not so good friend of mine, let me give him one less note than i give to others".."He did not come to my son/daughter 's marriage, so i will give him less amount".." she is my kitty party friend who serves diet coke all the time, so i think i should give her some more amount to show my high standard!!"

Almost everyone has friends / relatives / colleagues who are spread across the whole financial spectrum of low earning to stinking rich people. And the most weird thing i have seen or will ever see in my life? People tend to give more amount to the rich friends / relatives to show that we are at par with you and give a much less amount if they are giving that sagan ka lifafa to the marriage of their office peon / junior staff / not so well off relatives. I know this sounds gross to you, just go and ask your parents the last 10 - 20 weddings they attended  and of whom and how much sagan did they give in that!

My philosophy has always been give more to the needy, they will atleast feel happy if not show appreciation for your gift. Rest of your relatives will anyways give your expensive flowers to the garbage-man next morning and the present you gave to their maid on Diwali. But then i am one of those weird people who run by their own rules and generally those rules go directly perpendicular to the rules of this so called society.

And yeah please please be careful of the weirdo uncles driving on the Delhi roads this season. You can easily identify these dangerous uncles on the road. They have a clean, scratchless car ( a very rare sight on Delhi roads). And the main reason for that is they dont use their cars whole year except showing them off at the marriages they are going to attend. Therefore they are not habitual of seeing so much traffic on roads.

Anyways let us hope you all enjoy this wedding season and my sympathies towards all those who are going to tie the knot. May your bachelor souls rest in peace.

PS: Dont forget to wish Khushi as its her marriage this weekend!!
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