Google Wave is a waste !!

Monday, November 16, 2009

After much fanfare and lot of begging, pleading, threatening, and blackmailing, The Furobiker got a Google Wave invite! I used it for about half an hour, checking all the geeky nerdy websites, and for what all it can be used. My final verdict - Its waste!

I mean unless you have to collaborate with people sitting 7 samundar paar, or you are soo lazy to play sudoku alone, you can use google wave and its sudoku and other apps. It is basically a big chat window, where many people can lazily chat with each other at their own convenient times and inserting whatever apps, video, yes/no questions or whatever in it! I am just wondering why the hell was so much craze and fanfare among people for this?

Anyways one good feature can be termed as "beware!!" feature in Google Wave. If two people are sending each other a wave, Person 2 can real-time character by character read what person 1 is typing! So if you are a patni ka sataya hua pati or girlfriend ka sataya hua boyfriend who vents out his frustration by typing abuses in the chat window but deletes before pressing enter (zindagi kisse pyari nahi hoti bhayya? - who doesn't fear for his life?!). Your game is over now. Buuuhuuuhuuu :(

Anyways if you belong to the rare well read - pade likhe log, here is this site which supposidly is Google Wave 101 guide. If you find a single good reason for me to use google wave, do let me know.

Like they taught us to end letters in school -

Thanking you, Yours Faithfully, Yours sincerely, Yours Truly
The Furobiker
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