The Furobiker Review Contest

Saturday, November 14, 2009

As most of you will be knowing i have been in the blog / websites world for the past 6 years. (yeah i used to write on Geocities 2 years before i opened up this place called The Furobiker) Along with that i do my bit in the search engine optimization stuff as well. So combining both of these things i am presenting for you all a small contest here. First of all the main part of this post. The prize of the contest!

There is only one prize which is Rs 2500 (apprx USD 50) Google Adwords coupon.

Have you seen some ads on the right hand side and the top of Google search results. You can use this Google Adwords coupon to create your account and display your ads over there. Or display your blog ads on various websites that use google adsense. In short lots of free money to publicize your blog.

What will you have to do for it? Write a simple short post of 50 words (minimum) reviewing my blog. You are free to bash, insult, praise, tear apart or do anything in that review. Full honest review along with a link to my blog.

The purpose of this contest? Fairly simple. I already have an google Adwords account so cant use this coupon. So thought why not have some honest opinions (and free publicity ofcourse) for my blog while someone else makes a better use of this coupon!

So dont hesitate people, try your luck, and write a small simple review about my blog and send across the link of your post to . The contest is open only till 25th November!

Any questions/Queries are always welcome.
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