Dil ki baat, LoveGuru ke saath

Friday, November 27, 2009

I was returning early morning from office (yeah 12.30 am !! i wont call it night, its early morning!!) and suddenly while surfing radio channels, i heard this line .. Dil ki baat Love Guru ke sath! And the way the guy spoke this,, husky voice, shouting into the microphone, somehow sounded like .. u know ..savita bhabhi kind of stuff !

Anyways it is obvious that i wanted to hear what the program has! It is the most fantastic, superb, mind-blowing program i have ever heard in my life!! Every caller has the same problem! One sided love!! I have also added my responses in case i was the Love Guru !

Caller 1: I love a girl since my school days, my school got over in 1999 and i have not met her since then(WTF!!) And now i think i should go and tell her of my feelings!!! What do you think, she will say yes????
The Furobiker: Oh yes! Go ahead! She must be having kids of your age by now! She will give you lots of motherly love!! Asshole!!

Caller 2: I love a girl from the past couple of years, but i could never muster up enough courage to go n tell her, i think if she says no, i will lose her friendship also. I will always choose to be her friend for lifetime rather than to propose her n loose her!! But i am sad! What should i do?
The Furobiker: Cherish her friendship. Ask her to marry your best friend or his neighbor or even his dog, why do i care! By the way, you should go and watch Kal ho na hooooo! eeee Kantaben!!! ;) ;) ;)

Caller 3: I have a girlfriend, but she never calls me up. I have to only call her, but she ignores and slams down my fone. We rarely talk or meet each other. but we love each other truly, deeply, madly. LoveGuru, please suggest what should we do!
The Furobiker: WTF WTF WTF !!!Who gave you my number!! I also love you a lot, so we also wont ever ever talk to each other! Understand!!

Caller 4: I see a girl daily on metro, i think i am in love with her. Though i have not been able to tell her this till now, but i will surely do it as soon as i come to know her name!!! (FTW!!!)
The Furobiker: True Love (trying to suppress my anger!).... Meri to aankhon mein aansu aa gaye tumhara pyaar dekh kar! (aur mere haathon mein joota aa gaya hai , bhag ja warna joota tere sir pe mar mar ke tujhe ganja(bald) kar doonga!!! )

FOSLA members!!! .You people don;t know FOSLA???
Frustrated One Sided Lovers Association!! Yeah the same kind of people who send you and your girlfriends a Fraaaandsheep requests. Oh yes, these days they also send fraandsheep requests to guys also! Zamana badal raa hai bhai!!

By the way, the program was so pakau that i think i slept in between. So i must have heard some callers in my dreams i think :D :D :D
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