Twitter - Bharti Airtel deal

Thursday, October 15, 2009

As reported by Techcrunch, finally there is a deal between Twitter and Airtel.

The deal allows for Bharti Airtel subscribers to receive tweets via SMS for free and send them for the standard text messaging rate. This may seem like not a big deal, but the reason Twitter had to keep shutting down SMS service in many countries last year was that the carriers were insisting Twitter pay them high fees to make up for all the tweets being received over SMS for free by users. Twitter has clearly started striking deals that both the service and the carriers can agree on now.

And SMS in India is very important, not only because of the country’s 1 billion residents (over 100 million of which are on Bharti Airtel), but also because many in India don’t have access to high speed Internet (nor do most of them have iPhones with cheap all-you-can-eat data plans). This is the reason that Facebook decided to first test its Facebook Lite project in India. But SMS is a bridge that many more people can go across in places like India to access Twitter easily.

And i got this message on twitter as soon as i logged in

Twitter - Bharti Airtel Deal

Finally big companies recognizing the power of the great Indian Population!
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