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Monday, June 01, 2009

Its official!! The total storage capacity in my house has touched 1.5 Terabyte!!! That is 1,500 GB for the illiterates.. (One thousand five hundred Gigabytes - in words - if you are a banker)

Well i dont have this much stuff to fill in, only about 500GB is filled up, rest all is empty empty.. So it would be great if you can mail me the names of some good animation movies (any language) on the email id mentioned on the sidebar.. Any other good movies will also do.. but judging from my blog you must have understood that a kindergarten guy can only understand cartoon movies!!

My excel teacher Mohit babu has started a blog called Excel Matic ( to help people with some tips and tricks on Microsoft excel, some of the tips are really cool, i wonder how i never knew them!

Thinking about Microsoft, they have recently launched a radio advertisement campaign, promoting Original windows software. "Nakli software matlab karobar mein nusaan" And they have some weird studies to support this fact too.. Dunno if they will achieve anything out of the campaign..

Btw here are some of the softwares which are free fokat available on the net!!

Google Chrome - I never liked the heavy Internet Explorer or the heavier Firefox.. Chrome is awesome, superfast and i like its looks.. seedhi baat.. no bakwaas

Ubuntu - Its Linux.. And i love it

Open office - Go to - Its free and will almost do everything that Microsoft office does
Gaim - All chat messengers in one!! So forget about logging seperately into yahoo, gtalk, msn, aim n blah blah blah

GIMP  - All features of photoshop, without throwing money around!! Yep this is free and easy tooo!!!
BitTorrent - A cool torrent downloader.. More details about its legality on its official website
VLC Media player - plays everything except RM files.. I just love it.. To easy to start and adjust subtitles in it.. (Wo hamari angrezi kamzor hai na, to angrezi filmo ke liye subtitle lagane padte hain)

PDF creator - Word to PDF.. FREE..

GNU CASH - Manages your finances.. how much you earn, how much u spend and how much is left for the daruuu!!! Hic!!

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