On a serious note..

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

.. Ghanta serious note

I tried a lot writing something serious on this blog.. but bad luck .. sala apne dimaag ke serious wali side mein koi chemical lotcha lagta hai...


The traffic jams on Delhi roads are increasing day by day! Ab baithe baithe bore ho jate hain .. (no female passengers on my route cab u see) to socha lets look out of the window to the wonderfool world around... here are some observations!

  • Most of the female drivers on Delhi roads are "Madam Firangi" - The drive on the slowest speed possible in the overtaking lane on the extreme right !! - Madamji this is sadda hindustan.. not aapka amreeka - Yaha slow lane sabse left wali hoti hai!!
  • Why do few guys buy that stark pink colored cars!!! - I mean i know some of the guys have different wali preferences in life.. but still a pink car?? Go and have a pink chaddi, no one is complaining.. but a pink car??
  • Cab drivers - Dilli ki sadken tere baap ne tujhe tere 1st budday pe gift kari thi kya be??? No seriously i ask this question daily.. even to my cab driver!
  • Some of the female drivers are soo suspicious- They are almost like sitting on the top of the steering wheel.. They wanna look at the front bumper of their cars as if someone will steal their number plate on the road!
  • Bandwale.. - Bhai tabla wo radio mein baja raha hai ya tu apne steering wheel pe? Although i have no problems when some girls try to dance like the masakali song while driving.. :D
  • And this one is the best category - Although i saw it just once but daily i pray to god that please show me some more of this kind!! - Driver was driving the car, on the back seat the guy and the gal were doing coooochie cooo  - Ab bechara driver bhi insaan hai.. uske pass bhi dil hai... dekh lia thoda coochi coo usne rear view mirror pe and baja di samne wali gaadi pe !!!!
Bhagwaan ke pass bhi bahu faltu time hai.. chun chun ke piece banata hai bhagwaan bhi!!! (shayad log mere bare mein bhi yahi bolte honge :D )
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