Mere yaar ki shaadi hai

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lemme update you on my vacations on the past 2 weekends. In the first week of may I went to attend the marriage of my close friend Ram Krishna Dubey with Pooja Bhabhi..

I was looking forward to this trip since past 3 months, as a lot of friends from the Mech-07 gang were planning to attend this wedding. Since it was a class reunion after 2 years, we decided to meet up in our alma mater, “IT BHU” before going to the wedding. (FYI the wedding was in Ballia, which is just 150 Kms from Banaras)

We initially planned to leave for ballia around 9 am in the morning (haha, what a joke!) but then finally left around 1 pm :D. It was good to see the baraat still holding up for us :P. It was the first time in my life I saw a shareefo ki baarat – No alcohol, No non veg and not much naachna gaana. Attending only Punjabi marriages since childhood, I was in a bit of shock. If these things are missing in my marriage, 98% of my relatives wouldn’t consider it to be a marriage at all! (The rest 2% are toddlers :D)

Anyways the word sharafat goes for the toss when 10 mechanical guys are found together in any part of the world. Just to cut the long story short, we gave the wedding a Punjabi touch by including 2 of the three ingredients mentioned above ;)

Just one wish was not fulfilled, of singing “tenu dulha kinne banaya bhootni ke” song for my friend :D

Witnessing the marriage rituals was a good fun, with the dulhan’s mom shouting in the dulhan’s ear “Intro baad mein karna pehle acche se foto khinchwa lo” :P

But the best moments in the marriage were after this, when the punditjee started chanting his mantras. Just to tell you a bit more about Ram, he is a seedha saadha gaon ka chora, with no contact with any female species in his life. His only aim in life was studying and sleeping. And if any female comes within 100 meter radius of him, he would give her a rakhee to tie on his hand.

So when the punditjee started his mantras n stuff, there was a ritual in which he has to hold the hands of the bride. MAN!!! His hands were shivering as if touching an alien!! And you could see the guy blushing more than the gal!! All the sleepy (did I say drunk n sleepy?) mech guys suddenly found a new interest in the rituals and capturing the moments “Dekh abhi fir se haaath kaampenge RK ke” “”look his hands would shiver again”” hehe

All in all the marriage was a great fun with a late dinner / early breakfast at 6 am. We were kicked out of his home at around 7 am and then the whole house had a sigh of relief!

PS: Some details have been omitted about the naach gaana stuff to maintain the U/A rating of this blog :D :D :D

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