Slumdog Bullshit!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I told u!! 

Then why should people get angry when a  Radio Jockey in US is calling all Indians as slumdogs?  Isnt it what you asked for? to be called slumdogs!! and when people are calling you with that name, why the hell are you getting angry?

 Dont you realize that US economy is such a great and vast economy in front of us slumdogs? What if the employees eat most of the expenditure of the companies in their benefits even when the companies are going bankrupt in US. How does it matter if all Indian slumdogs stop working for US companies today and the falling US economy which is supposed to crash in 2 weeks time will crash now in one week?

How does it matter if all US hospitals and companies employ all slumdogs from India just because their own citizens are not so talented to even teach their own kids studying in kindergarten!!

But i would like to tell you one thing Mr Radio Jockey. Our homes, and all our assets are paid for, and we slumdogs live much better life on our own money instead of looting the banks in the name of credit and mortgages. And it is your need that you send your jobs to us slumdogs instead of feeding your money and benefits hungry people and your CEOs who dont even leave small amounts to the company they sank! How can a CEO think about taking bonuses from the company he sank! Sorry but my slumdog parents didnt teach me that, yours rich parents taught you that?

and Mr Radio Jockey talking about parents, did you ever ask your mother who your real father is/are?
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