khud hi soch le title

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I mean its a real weird thing writing titles for the post. You write a blog in 5-8 minutes and then spend whole night thinking about the title?? Damn! By the way i thought a few titles for this post "Bhagti bhootni ka bhatija" , " Sade hue ande ka jam", " machar ne failaya mangal grah par kahar" but then this is a family blog and i dont write about controversial topics here. What about my female fans! CHATAAK!! oh the stupid little angel flying near my right ear just slapped me. "Aukaat mein aa ja sale"

I was looking at my blog after a long time, the coffee cup on the top is cold now, i would like to change that image to something nice, probably a beer mug or a jack daniels? CHATAAK!! Ah.. my mom just emailed me a slap.. phew

I miss India TV here, specially the awesome tadakti bhadakti news on it. Specially the one where they announce aliens will come and take himesh with him. My pados wali aunty distributed 101 rs ke laddu on that day. I was searching on the net for some of the most happening news on India TV. Here are the images 

If you didnot see India Tv, you are missing a big part of your adventurous life. Did you ever imagine that ghosts steal your clothes?

UFO ne aasmaan se kheench li gaaay (i knw what you are thinking, but this word means cow not gay)

Go and ask kartina, uske baap ko bhi nahi pata hoga kab uska rishta salman ke ghar pahuncha!!!

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