Thanks Mom!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

After 3 days of self torturing (reading eating self cooked food) finally we came across an Indian Resturant in Johannesburg! You wont believe but i have never felt so happy in my life seeing fellow Indians! It was named Indian Spices. They cooked an awesome Indian food. Although we are cheap Indians and try to convert all the rates back to Indian Rupees to check if the thing is costly or cheaper, but i must say costwise also the food was not that costly.. 

In the past three days i have realized how hard moms work (and wifes for the married people). Managing her job, cooking in the morning, evening, and maintaining other household chores. I am like simply amazed! Like the reserved seats in buses do females also get extra 20 hours in a day?? 

And when i have realized, i just wanted to say Thanks a Lot mom for all the hard work and pain you went to take care of us and which we never realized!
The Furobiker

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