Kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi

Friday, September 05, 2008

Nopes i dont intend to write anything about tulsi mayya here.. This post is just to wish my mom a very happy teachers day.. She is the best teacher in the world (although she slaps too hard if you dont complete your homwork!!)

By the way, why did i write this title? Read on.. and this is true conversation

I return from the office as usual around 10pm .. mom makes a sullen face and throws rotis on my plate (jaise jail mein kaidiyon ke aage dalte hain or gali ke kutte ko)..

Me: Wassup?
She: Aj mere baare mein poochne ki fursat kaise mil gai
Me: Kya hua?
She: Han han, now u dont have time for us.. Whole day in office and rest of the time talking to ur gf .. do you remember when was the last time u pulled my leg on your blog?
(oh.. am i getting close to the root cause or is it going towards something else?)

She: earlier your posts mentioned so much about me.. and now all my friends point out that you mention her more than me..!! (to pehle joote kyu marti thi meri maa .. jab bhi main sach sach likhta tha sab?)
Me: grrrrrrrrrrr
She: sab ladke ek jaise hote hain.. shaadi ke baad joodu ke gulam ban jaate hain .. tu to pehle se ban gaya..

n i was like LOOOOOLLLL

Sometimes its soo hard to understand female species...