Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Does food poisoning mean somebody added poison to your food ??


Thought for the day

Monday, June 23, 2008

Was getting bored this Saturday.. switched on the TV.. saw some old movie goin on and Amitabh was speaking

Jis patthar ko hathodi aur cheni se chot lage wo kabhi moorat nahi ban sakta.. aur jis khet ko hal chalane se dukh ho uspe kabhi fasal nahi ug sakti..
usi tarah jis bacche ko maa baap ki daant buri lage.. wo kabhi jeevan mein safal nahi ho sakta..

Well said!

Kahi Ankahi Chapter 4

Saturday, June 14, 2008

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Kya bakwaas hai!! Last time i was glued to some book or paper was when i got 5 supplementary in a single semester!! Its getting weirder page by page.. Oh man lemme not crap more and just continue with the diaries!!

Sagittarius Girl : August 10, 2007 11 pm
Guess what! I saw him today! After such a long time! Wow.. i was so happy.. out of excitement i was about to go and scold him for being not visible for so many days.. but suddenly i realized we dont know each other formally.. Dunno how he would have reacted if i asked him about his absence.. Just praying to god.. kaash ye college hota.. to kahi na kahi takra jaate.. God.. just make him come in my bus

Sagittarius Guy : August 10, 2007
I am back on bench.. so usual 9-5 job for few days.. and hey.. i saw her today.. she was looking even better today ;) .. but she din even notice me.. seems she was happy about something.. mayb she got a better paying job.. or probably going for MS or something..
Or wait. maybe she was happy to see me back?? what the heck!! sala mechanical engineer hone ka sabse bada nuksaan.. hame ye bhi nahi pata ladki line kaise deti hai!
But she din even look properly at me or maybe she did and ignored me..
What if she likes someone else? taange tod dunga saale ki jo koi bhi hoga!!

haha.. waise this Saggi guy mast hai.. even mujhe bhi bahut time tak nahi pata chala tha ki ladki line kaise deti hai.. it took me long to understand.. faltu jokes pe bhi hasi.. to matlab phasi ;)

Sagittarius Gal : August 16, 2007
I am so happy and so confused.. . or getting crazy.. i just dunno.. Morning was great.. i couldnt hide my 32 teeth when i saw him.. seems he was having a great time with that baldie manager.. haha .. i still think he is straight..! or maybe he was happy to see me.. :)

haha.. yaar koi ladki kabhi mereko dekhkar kyu nahi smile karti? or is it stamped on my face.. "beware.. if u look at my boyfrend, i will break ur nose n his too" ?? huh

Sagittarius Guy : August 16, 2007
Wow.. m feeling high without beer today... I joined bus service again today.. and yea as usual she was there.. and i bet..sachin ki batting ki kasam she was happy to see me.. she cant be happy seeing that old bald manager getting on the bus.. Or whatever.. i was with my 100 watt smile when i saw her.. but did she notice?
But it was also the worst day of my life.. After 2 years i met mallika again.. She joined my company today..
Abe uparwale.. Dude.. you have some problem with me??
Why now? when everything seemed to be getting on track.. Why? Why? WHY???

Mallika .. Mallika?? MALLIKA??

Kahi Ankahi Chapter 3

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Chapter 1(click) Chapter 2 (click)
That news was shocking...something boggling in my head... is there any chance of coincidence??
Now with a bit of excitement and grief(seriously!) i again picked up those dairies...I just wanted to know what happened in their lives..

Sagittarius Gal: June 28st 2007, Thursday, 11 30 PM
Day was as usual boring...I have started thinking more about him day in and out...everywhere... imagine, was stuck up thinking for half an hour about him in loo...
Today was the monthly DJ night in the office, i was deliberately sitting near his friends group, he did not even look at me. Why does it happen that he smiles and talks to every other person but when my eyes meet with his, a void comes in between.
All other friends of mine were dancing with their boy friends, only i was stuck up alone, waiting.. Things could have been different.. only if the dude sitting above wrote my fate without grammatical mistakes..

Sagittarius Guy : 28 June 2007
DJ night today. What more do you expect.. it has always been the same for me.. pehle 4 saal mechanical engineering mein kisssi ladki ne bhaw nahi daala.. and now in this company most of them are already committed (seems paida hote hi gharwalo ne market se boyfriend dila dia tha) and the one i am looking for seems to be from another plannet.. lost up in her own thoughts! Yeah the girl in green kurti.. She was also sitting alone, i deliberately took a seat near her friends group.. man i saw her from so close today.. sooo close as in if i had moved 1 millimeter closer i would have died of woman-o-closo-phobia..
But doesnt matter.. ghaas hi nahi daalti.. Hey dude.. uparwale.. do something bro.. my life's engine needs some mobil oil to make things smooth man!!

Ahem! I just felt like standing up on my bed.. mike in a hand and singing pyaaaaar tooooo hona hi thaaaaaaaaaa in the usha utthap tone.. Bt no, i am getting close to the story .. shayad kuch idea mile for the gift for my gf!
I just thought, which shops would be open at this time.. Chai-Sutta!! neah... bad idea.. She doesnt like tea (bade baap ki aulaad hai, bade log chai nahi peete, coffee peete hain)
and sutta..!! seems u forgot that famous sutta song.. college gaya mujhe pyar ho gayaaaa.. usne ne bhi mujhse mera suta cheen lia..

Sagittarius Guy : 25 July 2007
It has been around a month since training got over and that dj nite. It was the last time in the DJ night i saw her. I have been into another project and probably shes into another. But these days i didn't even see her in the bus. Ha she left the company? Should i go and ask someone about her? Damn! i don't even know her name still.. how would i ask anyone!

Sagittarius Girl : July 28, 2007, Wednesday
Will that happen to me all the time? Why God why??? WHY?????????????

Kya bakwaas hai be?? itni chota diary page? even the bai which comes to cook at my home must be writing diary pages longer than this! but wait wait
Holy shit!! i could not believe that, there was a small drop of blood on he bottom of that page!