Happy Budday

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Budday Abhi..

Convocation update

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hi all.. i have been as much visible as mallika sehrawats clothes in past few days.. blame it on workload not my laziness... anyways before i start crapping..lemme clear a few things.. last post i wrote on womens day,.. i knowingly wrote valentines day.. if you couldnt guess it.. then i will tell you.. it was another of mine stupid jokes.. which people having sense of humor as great as vajpayeeji can nvr understand.. :D

I went for my convocation.. for angrezi illiterate people.. it means the day when you get a certificate of wasting(read boozing n sleeping) 4 years of your life.. and then you are finally called a Mechanical Engineer.. anyways a good number of my close frnds had turned up for it.. it was great fun.. n yeah just FYI.. UP police is still as cheap as it was an year ago.. we just had to give 70Rs to darogajee who caught us boozing on the train!! that costed us around 8 Rs per head ..:D

Convocation is a great feeling.. when you can stare in the eyes of those bloodsuckers.. and they jus smile while thinkin..(bhagwan kuch karo ki ye log bina mujhe nanga kare wapas chale jaye).. neways it was good to see so many of frnds together after so long time.. ki we just forgot about shouting at those frustu proffs.. Things have been changing very fast.. one of my friend is getting mrried this december.. other will get married next november.. it seems m the only bachelor left.. :(

Another noticable thing.. earlier in college days we all were running from limbdi corner(our hangout) shouting" oye mere bas 2 samose hain.. tu de de aaj.." " oye meri ek chai hai.. bas aaj tu dede .. kal main de dunga.. and that kal nvr comes..:P.. but this time everyone was chill..chootu 5 cold drink lao.. ayyashi.. :D

neways its my birthday on monday .. 24th.. i will get one more year old( ppl mus b thinkin when will he grow up!) but with every passing day it feels.. ab buddha ho raha hun.. office life makes a person as lazy as it can get.. but nvr mind.. any bday gifts are always welcome.. if u r sure you would send me a gift.. mail me .. i will give you my address.. :D


Of reunions and Commitments

Monday, March 10, 2008

This weekend we frnds had a small reunion.. Had a frnds birthday .. so used it to do a reunion of college frnds.. Feels great seeing buddies.. n getting to know how there life is going.. well the great news is that .. out of our barbad group.. most of the guys are getting committed.. yeah yeah there are few lucky people left.. but rest are happily committed.. ( it seems so, at least their girlfriends are happy)
Shubhan.. got committed.. barood got committed.. (yea i knw its a weird name.. but after 4.5 years of calling him that i cant remember his real name) and many more to go.. Great!

Neways life has been goin on n on otherwise.. like jodha akbar.. i just dont know wats happening.. but its goin on n on n on..

n yeah finally India won!! yay yay... I din expect them to win though.. but nevr mind.. miracles do happen ;) and the best thing was.. this(click).. haha.. finally someone in indian team showed some agression.. bhajji was no less than rakhi sawant in drama after the match..

Anyways people it was Atty's birthday on 7th.. so you all can go n wish her.. she gives a nice treat for her birthday..(well if you dont mind waiting for 2.5 hoours for her to decide what to order, the treat was nice though)

and people guess what.. its my convocation this friday... after studying so hard for 4 years(yea yea dont roll your eyes).. i mean after so much hard work.. err.. whatever.. we are goin to get my BTech degree.. yippie.. so another reunion of college frnds.. anyways a frnd said "sala apne ko to chaprasi bhi degree nahi dega... utha ke muh pe marega.. ki lo jitni padai kari thi .. utni izzat se degree de di " :D :D

doesnt matter though.. this is the real time to visit college.. now we are ready to face the teachers.. its my dream ki sabse strict teacher ke kandhe pe haath rakhke poochu "sir u gave me 3 supplementaries, you called me the biggest duffer.. .. i was scared then n din utter a word.. but if i slap you right now.. bol kya ukhad lega ?""hehe.. i just want to see the looks on his face... :D

Neways people i am bored of the job at the moment... so any of you who is willing to sponsor a trip for 2 to goa can contact me anytime.. :)

Ah before i forget.. happy valentines day to all.. :D

An ode to all 4th yearites from IT-BHU

Friday, March 07, 2008

This post is by Varun Murali.. (4th year mechanical IT BHU)his ode to the present 4th year of IT BHU.. Reading which i went 12 months in flashback.. when i was about to leave IT BHU..
Here it goes..

It is that time of the year when all of us 4th yearites start to get that sinking feeling about leaving this place. The following poem (mostly unoriginal work) is a humble effort to capture our times here and life ahead! I just hope that you don't get bored.....Any suggestions or criticisms are welcome!

When we came to college in July,
And settled in our new but stingy rooms!

When we queued up to Pondy Baba,
And got some old books and question papers!

When we wanted two Sundays and no Mondays,
And yet managed to proceed in line for the morning class.

When we learnt to write our own notes,
And progressed to Xeroxed notes and finally none at all!
When we began drawing with drafters and H pencils,
And evolved to rulers and any piece of lead!

When we started calculating first by rote and then with steam tables
And advanced to calculators, notebooks and finally the person next to us!

When we got chased by seniors in the corridors in Intervals,
And returned to the classrooms drenched with fear, sweat and laughter!

When we had dinner only in the hostel mess,
And dared not venture out to Lanka or the ghats !
When all evil in the world,
Adorned the campus during times of sessionals!
When a second-half off in the week's Time Table,
Was awaited more eagerly than the holidays!

Of fights and conspiracies,
Of Competitions and jealousy!
Of girlfriends and good friends!

Gone are the days
Of KY and Jhankaar, and the memorable DJs,
And the year-long preparations for them.

Gone are the days
Of the stressful Sessionals, Viva-voces and End-Sem Exams,
And the most enjoyable holidays after them!

Gone are the days
Of LC where we spent almost the whole year gossiping
And VT where we spent all our devotion during exam time!
We learnt,
We enjoyed,
We played,
We won,
We lost,
We laughed,
We cried,
We fought,
We thought.
With so much fun in them, so many friends,
So much experience, all this and more!

Gone are the days
When we used to talk for hours with our friends!
Now we won't have time to say a `Hi'!

Gone are the days
When we sat to gossip with friends on grounds and in rooms!
Now we will chat in chat rooms.....!

Gone are the days
Where we studied just to pass!
Now we will study to save our job!

Gone are the days
Where we had no money in our pockets and still fun filled in our hearts!!

Now we will have the ATM and credit card but with an empty heart!!

Gone are the days
Where we got lectures from all!
Now we give lectures to all...

Gone are the days
But not the memories, which will be
Lingering in our hearts for ever and ever and
Ever and ever and ever.....

Gone are the Days.... But still there are more Days to come in our Life!!