you-know-who is back

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Weird title i must say.. but cant help it.. instead of getting bored and vexed up of my idiotic work life balance i finally started reading harry potter.. yea yea. i knw many of you must be giving mocking looks to me coz i yelled at people reading harry potter.. "Dekho dekho baccha wonderland mein kho gaya" but its an awesome read i mus say.. Anyways this you-know-who mentioned in the title is me.. m back to blog land after a break

Life has been very busy.. in the past 1 month i don't remember a single weekend when i was at home.. once i went to meet up with my college friends in noida.. once i was in mumbai.. catched up with many college punters.. then i went to a trekking trip from office (frankly i was too tired to go to a trekking trip but CTC poora vasool karna chahiye) :D

I saw the commercial of sprite or something on tv.. Seedhi baat.. baaki sab bakwaas.. dude.. kya mast ad banaya hai.. really it happens like that.. U reach late to office.. n say " boss i douldnt get up coz i had truckloads of alcohol last nite.. and say this with a menacing smile.. " he will shrug n say .. cant u ever be serious .. i knw there are traffic jams in delhi these days!! waow..!

Hey i just got an idea.. y not make up a tag called seedhi baat.. baaki sab bakwaas.. waow m a genious.. kissi ne sach hi kaha hai .. every child i special.. :D
Chalo.. the tag is put 5 straight blatant facts about you or anything around you... Since i originated it .. i will start it..

  1. I cant eat with all those table manners.. I eat with hands.. use both hands while eating.. make loud burps if i like something.. tasty... always stare at others plates to find an opportunity to steal an onion..!
  2. I dont have manners otherwise also.. :D I dont see whose around (female, oldie) i just talk watever i wanna talk.. and the most common thing i get to hear is "Grrrr abhiii tujhe tameez nahi hai .. ladkiyo ke samne to tameez se baat kara kar.. "
  3. I used to be of the thought that everyone sees your work and not how you polish or lick their feet.. i tried and failed again n again on this.. it doesnt work dude.. even if you are an average performer.. you can get great ratings if you knw how to be a "yes sir" kinda person.. i knw most of you reading this crap blog of mine and who are in senior position will disagree with me.. but jus think .. you must have preferred a yes sir kinda person sometime in your life...
  4. I just love doing things people say are impossible or cant be done.. I just dunno.. but its a great pleasure to do things which people say u cant..
  5. I cant loose any race.. everyday if you see.. on the roads.. i jus dunno y people are challenging you to race with them.. i really feel like its my duty (as if i am a king or something bachaoing his praja) to take that up and beat tht person in the race.. speed sets my pulse racing..
You know .. its a great feeling to se the speedometer needle shooting up.. the road blurring and running backwards.. and the air(if your window is open) tht brushes your face.. and blowing the hair at the back of your neck.. pure trance.. its like a magical feeling...

Neways i wont degress from the topic..
Anyone who drops on my blog can take this tag up..
Anyone who drops on this blog can take up this tag..

pehchan kaun

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

First of all about that previous post,, dont be a dick.. dont worry.. i am in total complete mental health.. that post was just dedicated to all Managers out there.. you guys just rock..(which is very evident from that post i suppose)

I have been having very busy time from couple of weeks.. No one is worried that if my dog has fever or not.. all that they want is excel sheets completed with all red n blue n green highlights.. And when i return home.. i dont feel like looking at the monitor again!

Been to Bombay for 3 days.. had some work n yeah.. had to celebrate belated VDay :D It isnt as bad as media people show it on TV.. No fights nothing.. everyone is happy n 'Gay' coz if they see u walking with a gal.. God knows y they stare so badly as if the gal is thr wife(or they hate gals i suppose) and i am her extra martial pati or something.. huh

Yeah talking about marriages.. i just remembered attending few marriages in past 2 weeks.. i knw most of the people out there wont agree with me.. but a gal looks her worst on her marriage day.. with all big crap makeup on her face.. n weighted under 30Kgs saree and 20 kgs jwellery.. really i have seen gals before n on marriage day.. u can simply tell they look awful on marriage day...

Marriages are a torture place to go..Every moti aunty will be coming n pulling ur cheek.."ena jya vekhya si.. e munda te edda vadda ho gaya" (saw him this small, pointing to her knees, n look he has grown so tall) And all mad mad ppl or relatives who only meet u in marriages will be asking ur whole histry and geography.. n suggesting u to do mba finally coz thr neighbours aunts sisters neighbours son got a good job after graduating from chavvani chap mba college..(which they think is btr thn IIM A.. huh

I will be a bit busy for one more week.. tomorro have a party after ofc.. and after tht m gng to some trekking trip for weekend.. my google reader shouts at me showing me 351 unread blog posts.. and my blog was behaving today as if it disowned me.. i had to refresh 8 times to reach this compose page.. will be back to the regular blogging world from next monday..


Dont be a dick

Friday, February 01, 2008

Don't be a dick. If people abided by this, we wouldn't need any other policies about behavior. This is a corollary of ignore all rules, and most other rules are special cases of this one.


"Don't be a dick" is the fundamental rule of all social spaces. Every other policy for getting along is a special case of it. Although nobody on WP is empowered to ban or block somebody for being a dick (as this would be an instance of being a dick), it is still a bad idea to be one. So don't do it.

No definition of being a dick has been provided. This is deliberate. If a significant number of reasonable people suggest, whether bluntly or politely, that you are being a dick, the odds are good that you are not entirely in the right.

Being right about an issue does not mean you're not being a dick! Dicks can be right — but they're still dicks; if there's something in what they say that is worth hearing, it goes unheard, because no one likes listening to dicks. It doesn't matter how right they are.

Coping with being labeled a dick

If you've been labeled as a dick, especially if you have been told this by several people in a particular community, it might be wise to consider the possibility that it is true. If you suspect that you may be a dick, the first step is to become aware of it. Ask yourself what behavior might be causing this perception. Try changing your behavior and your mode of presentation. In particular, identify the harsh words in your communications and replace them with softer ones.

Honestly examine your motivations. Are you here to contribute and make the project good? Or is your goal really to find fault, get your views across, or be the one in control? Perhaps secretly inside you even enjoy the thrill of a little confrontation. This may not make you a bad person, but to everyone who is busily trying to build something great, you become an impediment. People get frustrated, rancor ensues, the atmosphere changes, and the whole project suffers. Are you here to give, or to take?

If appropriate, publicly apologize to anyone to whom you may have been a dick. It's okay; this won't make you seem weak. On the contrary, people will take notice of your willingness to cooperate and will almost always meet your efforts with increased respect.

Telling someone "Don't be a dick" is something of a dick-move in itself, so don't bandy the criticism about lightly.


The term "dick" in this essay is generally defined as "an abrasive and inconsiderate person".

Source : Wikimedia