Bhajji not a Racist

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Finally.. our Bhajji is cleared of the ban.. he isn't a racist..

I was reading a very interesting discussion.. or rather a potential alibi for bhajji.. Bradd hogg called some Indian players as Bastards.. Which according to Ricky Fucking Ponting is a normal term which is very commonly used in Australia.. wow.. it wud look cool na Ponting's son getting up every morning n saying.. Mom .. my bastard dad again wore my underwear while going for match.. huh
yeah .. coming back to the topic.. so if bastard is a normal term in their lingo.. then Bhajji also said "maa-ki" to symonds.. "teri maa ki" is a very common term in saddi punjabi .. why such a hue and cry over it.. crazy

Anyways Good for aussie team that they dropped charges.. and yeah .. i din have much hopes from BCCI to drop the series in case bhajji was pronounced guilty.. they would have appealed and re appealed.. and nothing else...

Good Question

Friday, January 25, 2008

What would you call a man who gets married on 15th August??

kuch dushmani hai kya mujhse??

Friday, January 18, 2008

Some days are like that.. you are walking on the road.. thinking.. many things going in your mind.. and u suddenly look up and ask.. " Kuch dushmani hai kya mujhse??"

Neways, i have been missing from the blogworld for sometime.. sorry all for not replying timely to your comments, not visiting your blogs properly, and for not putting up any crap on my blog..

A lot of action has been happening in the world from the past few days... Firstly Cricket.. Mr. Kumble cant shout on the mike as he has to follow his code of conduct, i was waiting for reaction from 2 aggressive people yuvi and dhoni.. but they were busy screwing the same gal turn by turn.. bechara bhajji tried to retaliate but got banned.. We have idiots filled up in the team.. If they cant stand up for themselves.. no one will do for them

My life has been busy otherwise.. my client is a firangi.. and i had to work according to his timings on this project.. So i wake up wen he wakes up, i sleep wen he sleeps.. regardless of the time in India.. but dunno y i like these timings.. i can watch Disney show in the morning with breakfast, and then Bob the builder on CN.. :D and no traffic problems at all.. ( not much people go to noida in afternoon and comes back to delhi 2 in the night )

But this has its own negative effects.. my pants are getting tight.. and yesterday my jeans button popped out after i had dinner :O :O

Hey someone sent me this image..
hehe.. looks nice na.. whoever has sent this .. thanx a ton .. n i wud love to have many more such surprise cartoons of myself..

I watched Taare Zameen Par.. Thats a really fantastic movie.. while watching the movie .. i had a strong feeling tht i also had dyslexia during childhood.. phew.. i also had no interest in studies.. God knows how i became engineer.. n yea ... i also got scolded a lot when i flunked all my maths exams in by Btech.. :(( but well jokes apart.. the guy amir khan really did a nice job.. now all those parents who have a duffer like me in their homes will think mayb their kid has dyslexia.. and wont scold him .. phew.. great job man.. thousands of kids will be thankful to you for saving their asses from their parents..

Hey teachers.. leave the kids alone... We dont need no ejjucation... we dont need no thot control.. :D

by the way.. Memento movie review click here