Happy New Year hai ji

Thursday, January 01, 2009

As 2008 came to an end, i would like to thank all the special people who touched my life with love and care, and made it more meaningful. Thank You

Before you start throwing eggs on me for writing such a message, this was another forwarded new year sms. By the way i liked this message, sounds like some president of a country standing on the podium and thanking the whole nation for their support to keep the past year peaceful and the country out of poverty ! 

This year the news channels were doing their part of CSR (Corporate social responsibility) and warning people not to send any SMSes. As the poor (read looting beggars)companies of India, (Airtel, Vodafone and Idea) hike the rates of SMSes to 1Rs on any festivals. Also they suspend all the sms schemes on festivals and occasions. So the people unaware of these gimmics send hundreds of SMSes thinking them to be 1paisa or 5 paisa per sms. And hence increase the poverty in the country. 

Mom was asking me about my new year resolutions, and frankly speaking i was tooo busy in the past couple of months that i never even thought about any resolutions. So now i gotta make a list of things which mom would ideally like me to do and then follow it throughout the first week of January :D

That is what the resolutions mean na? 

Adios for now. Will be back with my bak bak ..
The Furobiker

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