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Saturday, November 01, 2008

CAT is round the corner again and once again my heartbeat is rising as fast as a Desi girls on her first blind date. Although it is not my first date with CAT , it is my third attempt to crack or rather bell the CAT! Kabhi kabhi main aur meri tanhayee aksar ye baaten karte hain" Sala CAT na hota to ye hota, CAT na hota to waisa hota"

The situation in Mumbai is deteriorating day by day. Finally Mr Thakrey is spreading the message that if you can not come First in the class, kill the people who get more marks than you. It seems he will force all the companies to shut down because they do not use Marathi raw material. It seems Mr Thakrey will produce all coal, petrol, iron ore, wheat, maize and inteligent people in Maharashtra.. Seems difficult eh?

Elections in US are 3 days away! It is not of a pomp and show worldwide this time. US is going on a backseat with Tabu, kajol and twinkle khanna.. China will be next rakhee sawant of this world! You want or not but u will have to listen to it!

Anyone dared to saw hello movie? It is not bad though! But you cant compare Chetan Bhagats writing with the picturisation on Hello!. The movie is like the xerox copy of the novel.. The story is same but due to voltage fluctuations the print is all unreadable and unrecognizable!

Anyways thats enough showoff for my current affair knowledge. If i show off more, my Rakhee Sawant will disqualify me as overqualified for her.. So adios for now!

The Furobiker

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