Dilli ki uttam bus sewa

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Bus travel.. Favorite hobby of every college goer! I used to travel in DTC Buses before my job and all began. After that i do not even get time to take a proper bath, leave alone going for dilli darshan in buses. Last weekend i had a chance to travel on saddi dilli ki buses. Apart from the regular odor of sweat and the fights going on between passengers and conductor, i made few other observations also. There are various kinds of people traveling in the buses

Chadti Jawani - These kinds of kids love to stand on the foot board of the bus. And like to fly out in between. You can actually spot them hanging out of the doors" Thodi hawa khane ke liye"

Sleepers - If you do not know, almost half of the seats in the buses are for females, and if no female is present, few males also sit on them. The real drama begins when some female boards the bus and the guy has to vacate. These sleepers pretend to sleep, look out of the window, put something in their ears! Really fun to watch at times.

Uncle jees - Gyan, Gyan, Gyan! Thats all they have! Hamare zamane mein to 2 paise mein dilli ghoom lete the.. ajkal ki mehangai ne to sabki kamar tod di hai.. Ye ajkal ke bachhee.. uff. hamare zamane mein to ekdum shareef aur tameezdar hote the..

Assholes - These are the kids of people who bring a bad name to Delhi. Just look at them staring at female species and you would feel like going 5 feet inside the earth or throw them out of the bus. Those lecherous looks they give, one can clearly find the traits of bad blood.

Staff - This is the most hillarious part! If you stay STAFF in delhi buses, it means if the conductor asks them for ticket after that, the bus will be broken into pieces when the next time it crosses the college to which the STAFF people belong! i have literaly seen almost 90% of the college goers saying STAFF!

Great going!

Anyways the new Green and Red buses from DTC are real comfort thing when your dad takes your car !

The Furobiker

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