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Saturday, July 05, 2008

The world has certainly changed in few days.. while i was on a trip with Rakhi sawant to harward business school.. means when i was assbent! Yeah u read it right.. My office is giving me tons of workload.. i go outta home at 8 in the morning and on lukky days reach back at 12 in the night.. dont dare to ask about bad days!!

I heard about a phrase about work life balance somewhere.. i dont remember it coz i have no life left.. its all work which makes AK a dull boy.. and the height of dullness.. i parked my car in a basement of a mall.. parking had 2 section each with three floors! it took me a bit more than 60 minutes (60 minutes and 12 seconds to be precise) to find my car.. after retracing the orignal path from where i entered the mall!!

I was having a talk with a friend on the topic" similarities between engineers and prostitutes" .. there is no difference my friend.. show them the money and they will come running to you.. but after a while both get tired of money.. give them less work and they are satisfied with the money.. both get burnt up!!!

Moral of the story .. if you are a HR manager and readin this post i am available(as an engineer of course) i am a business analyst by profession(my visiting card says so) and i have one year experience.. and i am burnt up too!!

neways the title of the post is the line which i am singing whole day.. i dunno wat comes before it and what comes after!!!

Seems jane tu ya jane na is a good movie.. go watch it.. and please tell me some good ways to remember where did i park the car!
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