kya bakwaas hai

Monday, May 19, 2008

I was walking with my mom n sis.. and as usual i was in my shabby attire with a Bermuda(yeah the same one with which i wipe my hands after dinner) n a very loose Tshirt ( which seems to have been borrowed from adnan sami) and big big beard.. yeah u can call it chak de sharukh types.. no no i cant look that weird.. n mom was shouting as usual.. "hamare sath mat chal, log sochenge naukar sath chal raha hai".. sis was adding to it " chi chi.. itna ganda to hum naukar bhi nahi rakhenge" .. n i was shouting my own gyan" mom .. chill .. kyu sochte ho itna ki log kya kahenge.. kya dia hai is samaj ne aapko jo iski itni parwah karte ho"... hehe i knw it sounds very high funda types.. but i need to blabber something incomprehensible to make the two stop shouting at me.. and then SUDDENLY....
an old women walking ahead of us.. turned back" beta bura mat manna.. i do not want to interfere in your talk.. i wasnt even trying to listen.. but cant help some words fell into my ears..! u were saying samaj ne aapko dia kya hai.. kabhi ye socha hai aapne samaj ko kya dia hai??"

BANG..CRASH!!! i was like.. WTF.. not because i din think abt bloody samaj.. but who is she to interfere in our talks! and without thinking giving bloody gyan..I vowed at that time that i will write a blog entry about it and will give the title as 'pagal budhia' .. but u know i have taken enough pange with female species and do not want to make them camp outside my home ..

Funny to think... you wake up one day and read in the paper that 1000 people have signed a petition to throw u on moon without pizzas n coke..!! nah .. lemme title this post as something else..

kya bakwaas hai yaar..!

anyways i was jus thinking about the stupid ads which i have kept on the top of my blog.. no one evr pays heed to it n clicks it :(
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