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Monday, May 12, 2008

Okay.. i m back after some 20 years 11 months and 15 seconds.. back to my blog.. I know my blogging breaks have been increasing much faster than the dresses of those cheerleaders :( Talking about the dresses .. i have changed my blog looks.. i know it still looks dumb but not as much as i am. i have also added picasa link on the right top corner .. for my trips fotos.. shimla fotos are still not uploaded.. but will be in couple of days

Imran 'chumma' hashmi is back with a movie on some cricket betting and things.. i looooove 2 of its songs.. yea this looove is like wat gals say when they talk about their present boyfriend in front of their ex.. with that cheesy tone n extra eyelid battling...

Anyways.. i was having chat with a friend and she said " abhi tu ajkal bilkul sudhar gaya hai " you wont believe .. but it hit me with much a force as it hits a moron in that fanta ad.." kya?? main sudhar gaya hun?? " anyways i asked " kyu kyu" ..she said " kyuki ajkal tu ladkiyo ki bulkul khichai nahi karta apne blog mein" !!!! :O :O

hmmm.. then i thought.. point to hai.. how can i be so mean.. neways i was watching some music show on tv with Vishal Shekhar and Farha as judges.. Maa wala episode..
Oh my god.. Mandira, Farah, Prajakta.. look at those gals(females would be a better word).. do they have some tankers filled up of tears?? gosh! a person will die because of dehydration if she/he sheds so many tears per second!
neways .. doesnt matter.. mayb they drink lots of ORS in breaks

did you people see that ad? where the gal asks " kya main moti ho gai hoon?" now thats a catch! tu kuch bhi jawab de mundeya tu to gaya.. if you say yes.. you are a dead man
"han han .. ab to main moti hi lagoongi.. sab slim trim ladkiyan to tumhare ofc mein hai .. tabhi to roz der rat tak baithe kaam karte rehte ho"BANG!!

and if u say no.. then also you are a dead man" jhoote .. jhooth bol rahe ho tum.. aur kitne jhooth bolte ho dinbhar mein mujhse.. ab tum mujhse pyar nahi karte .. main moti ho gai hun na isiliye.. " buhuhuhuhu buuuuhhuhuhuh.. BANG!!

Bechara.. its every mans dread ki his gal shouldnt ask him this Q


I found a great quote on the web.. njoy
if you resolve to give up smoking, drinking and loving, you don't actually live longer... it just seems longer
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