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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Wondering where did i vanish.. ? yea yea i know you all must be smirking seeing no blog updates.. n praying that i forget my password or something.. but yeah m back.. cant say i was busy.. but yeah.. a lot lazy.. didnt feel like writing anthing..
Life is going good.. weekdays i am working (bonded labor u knw) and weekends i am wandering around.. sometimes in delhi sometimes around it.. Went to hyderabad a couple of weeks back.. ( for pics refer to my orkut album).. Ekdum mast jagah hai.. you can eat n eat biryani till you get loosemotions.. and after that also you can still eat more.. and guess what i ate with hands.. ( i ususlly dont eat with my feet but this means i din use spoon this time).. was good fun.. went to see a salazar museum also.. i knw museums are for bacche and boodhe but god knows why girls are so obsessed with going to museums.. couldnt help..! Charminaar was also fun place.. met a delhi guy there who was stuck up in hyd for 12 years as a guard of charminaar!!.. he ws quite helpful... n yeah got some pearls from hyderabad.. guess its famous for that..
N yeah.. before i forget about this... thank you all.. thankyou very much for wishing me n divya happy buddays... those who wished more than 1 day late will be fined ice creams out of their treats.. n yeah i din get any gifts except one beautiful e card .. :( so everyone is fined all of the treat.. :( :x
things are changing fast here.. one of my batchmate is getting engaged on this 27th of april.. Many Many congrats RK.. now when we visit his home in couple of months we wont get those attempts of making food .. bhabhiji ke haath ka khana milega ab to.. :D

N yeah ppl do help me on this .. can anyone give me some info about CFA exams.. i knw they have a well maintained website but still if someone can tell me what all is written over there i would be really grateful for that..

n hope you all voted for the poll link given above.. if not then do vote n if yes then pass on the link.. after i get substancial number of votes i will try making a report about it :)

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