Thursday, December 27, 2007

The guy in the pic is Abhishek khanna


Monday, December 17, 2007

This is the second last post of the year.. Last one will post on 31st December with resolutions and all crap which i never followed ... and have no hopes in future..
neways has anyone ever wondered why is this blog having a crap name like furobike?? click here to know the reason
I realised the power of a pen when i wrote this post(click here).. these were my first signs of being a rebel
There were these moments when i thought of killing my blog (click here).. ..
and yeah .. my exam time compositions :D click here
College nostalgia (click here)

and yeah.. the most talked about post(click) :D be a rebel

Hehe.. after a long time went thru so many stupid posts of my blog.. feels nice reading old things... great memories..

Dilli ki sardi

Friday, December 14, 2007

Their is a tremendous weather change in past 48 hours in saddi Dilli. .
Seems Dilli mein baraf padne waali hai.. :D

on a weird thought .. maza aa jayega ski karke office aane mein :D

yay yay

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Life has become a bit boring these days.. the same old routine .. ofc to home.. home to ofc.. seems i am having a writers block these days :(
Anyways the usual timepass is watching so many people so many cars, bikes, cabs on the road.. and then i remember the golden rule which someone taught me few years back.. Flashback.. " Beta.. gaadi chalane ka sabse pehla aur important niyam.. kabhi bhi koi buddha(old man) ya ladki (female) road pe dikh jaye .. to fatafat usse 200meter door ho jao.." Both of them are so very unpredictable on the road.. it is so funny to see .. folks driving securely near the divider in the overtaking lane at 30kmph.. dude.. what the hell.. that is called overtaking lane.. fast drive lane.. meant for people in hurry.. get away from it..
haha and then there is a pinky.. a gal in a pink colored zen.. i see her 5 days a week dressed in pink.. !! what an obsession.. one day .. if we both stop on the same red light i am gonna go to her n say.. its enuf..go get some different colored clothes.. huh
and yeah .. there are cabbies also .. beware of them.. they dont sleep for 24 hours at a stretch n have penalties for reaching late.. so they can blow anyone of for reacing on time..
and there are some DUDEs on the delhi road.. with a chick on their side or on back of thr bikes.. they really like to show off a lot .. they will irritate you by hovering around u so that you pick up a race with them.. so that they could show off their superior driving skills to thr babes.
but its really a nice timepass watching different people , so many people everyday.. i rally like watching them. some watching movies on thr lappies.. some shaving in the cars/cabs.. some snoring louder than the heavy trucks moving..

Touched 120 today after a long time. :)

PS: to the amreeki readers i would be sounding as an everyday affair but to hindustani people touching 120kmph in delhi is some fun :D

Damn Spam

Friday, December 07, 2007

Who the hell is this ...shelfari.com .. i am bloody fed up of this site!
Damnit i am tired of these spam mails in my inbox.. and they are rising.. Every single day i get some 10 odd mails asking "Do we like the same books?" .. fuck you! Why would we like same books.. or why the hell should i tell you which books i like.. i hate books.. damn .. i hate reading anything and everything related to books..
and then there is this damn spam people asking me to buy cheap software.. what the heck.. i dont and i wont buy any software.. i completely shifted to opensource.. now just leave me alone..!!
i sent a bloody abusive mail to those spammers and they replied
"thank you for your interest" and send me their price list or registration page or whatever it was..
Cmmon yaar.. mazak ki bhi had hoti hai.. i mean why do people give heir passwords of personal mail ids to these sites like shelfari or whatever... they are just spamming their friends list..
after a lot of effort of telling morons on my friends list that bill gates wont give you a damn penny for forwarding that idiotic mail.. neither would anyone give that poor blind girl 20cents for every mail forwarded for her operation.. damn that girl is 3 years of age from past 5 years!!! i am just tired..
orkut wont close accounts of anyone who doesnt forward that crap scrap and mail .. to find out active accounts.. and yea god doesnt have a computer/laptop or internet connection.. and you wont fail or die if you dont forward that fucking mail to 50 people in 5 mins!!!!!!

If you are in my friends list on orkut, yahoo messenger, gtalk, gmail or whatever.. and i get a single crap mail from your id.. i will delete you from my lists, and block incoming mails from you to my id..
enuf is enuf

Neways.. check this out.. interesting link (Click here)

Tour e Rajasthan

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Hey all.. this post is about my 2 day tour to attend a marriage in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan..
Actually it was my friend's sister's marriage.. but some of my gang members planned to make it a small reunion types.. so we all went.. Although i dont have something against apni punjabi style weddings.. but yeah i liked rajasthani style weddings much more..
I would skip the details of how we all idiots caught the train at the last moment due to projects at office.. n yeah some of us caught due to accurate timings of indian railways.. which varies from 10 minutes late to half an hour late :D
and obviously we din let anyone sleep in the whole compartment coz of the loud voices laughter jokes songs.. et al... n yeah finding about hot gals in each others offices..
We reached chittor around 6 in the morning.. and the first thing we did was to dump our luggage at the friends place and went to see sunrise at the chittor fort... place was awesome.. specially standing on a cliff and looking at ground 200 feet down at one side(a perfect suicide point) n posing for photos on the other.. :)
anyways .. as soon as we returned home.. we were told a new funda of life " Jo shadi wale ghar mein kaam karta hai use bahut sundar ladki milti hai" Chalo beta ab kaam mein haath batao ..
lolz...neways it was fun helping tht guy n his family is the arrangements..
Rajasthani people are much calmer than our punju guys.. there was something called sangeet in thich people were going on stage n performing something something.. n i felt like i am watching england VS south africa.. where people jus clap like kings when someone hits a four.. huh
so we had to take control n then started series of shouting like"maar hi daala".. "subhan allah".. "katleaam ho gaya".. "wah wah " n all.. ":D
so finally they had to stop tht montonous thing and we were called on stage .. n for some 15 minutes some punju and english songs were played n we danced(basically throwing hands n legs around) like idiots :D
Rajasthani food is awesome.. the amount of desi ghee i had in just 1 meal was more than what i have in 15-20 days at home..!! and adding to that .. uncle put a big serving spoon of ghee in my plate.. thats is the reason i am getting fat :(
and yeah there was another custom.. people who were serving feed you laddoos with their own hand.. waow.. that sounds good na.. but it wont when one after one, six people do the same.. :O

the best thing i liked, since we were on girls side, we had to welcome barat.. n they give roses to all the baratis(members of boys fam).. haha.. who cares abt oldies in the barat.. we were just hunting for girls.. to give them roses.. that was a nice thingy.. :D

if someone wanna see some dumb pics of the tour .. they are uploaded click here