Ki dham dham dhol baje

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

These days everyone is going gaga over marriages, anyone and everyone you know is either attending a marriage or getting married .. neither did anyone invited me nor i am getting married :( So all i can do is just listen to the marriage ceremony tales.. actually some people do send invitation cards at my home but my parents dont take such an irritating kid with them :(
last time they took me was a cousins engagement party

Well someone rightly said about marriages" marriage is a slow poison which eats up all your friends" people get married/committed then they want to spend all their time with their partners and start neglecting their friends, they want to save some their cellphone bills also for calling that special one so they stop misusing it by calling their friends.. :-( in short if you remember some committed/married friend who contacted you on his own., that must have been only a hii popped up on gtalk.. that is your bad luck if your company has blocked gtalk .. :O
Talking about marriages.. there are 2 categories... you already know my views on arrange marriages.. if not read it here
a nice saga of honeymooning couples after arrange marriages :))

Oh before i forget, other kind of marriages are love marriages.. now the incidents i am going to tell are real and actually happened with my friends.. all i could do is LOL

Episode 1
His cell rings.. The gal from the other end shouts so loud that we all sitting in the room have to close our ears to prevent ourselves from getting deaf..
Girl-your phone is busy from past half an hour, whom were you talking to?
Boy-(stammering) was talking to mom..
G-Mom se half an hour? u liar.. tell me the name of the gal you were talking to
B-(with sweat on his brows) Sacchi- was talking to mom only she was telling me about xys's marriage...
G-u liar!!! u dont love me anymore.. u cheat!!!
SLAM!!!.. beeep beeep beeeep... poor guy.. he was really talking to his mom

Episode 2
Scene of a hotel
G-Chiii -yuck.. dont u have manners.. why are you eating with hands
B-My parents sent me to a hindi medium school, they don't teach us how to eat with fork and knives.
G-huh.. you will eat like this in front of my parents.. they will outrightly reject you
B-they cant .. my take home salary is 1.5 per month!!
G-you measure my parents love by money.. huh...snif snif.... don't talk to me.. BYE(tears dropping from her eyes)
poor guy had to eat whole meal himself.. doesn't matter anyways.. gal would have eaten a spoon or two.. figure conscious you know! :P

Episode 3
Valentine day
B-hey honey... look what i got for you( red roses it was)
G-thanx honey..(searches in between the roses when searched thoroughly her face is more red than roses) What! no diamond ring, no necklace..Sheelas Husband is giving her a ring worth 1Lakh!! you don't love me, i am getting fat na :(

Episode 4
Tring Tring
B-you got cold?
G-you wont understand me ever, i am crying
B-Who died? :O
G- your love for me! you wont ever understand my emotions and feelings!(as if talking about some rocket science)
B-what did i do now?? :O
G-Nothing.. you have changed .. u don't love me as much .. i can feel it..
B-but what did i do now..
G-huh.. i wont talk to you.. sob sob.. dont make me cry more.. sob sob..
SLAM!! and her fone was switched off for 2 days...!!

Phew.. these people scare me .. really.. :(

Reality bites..

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Finally.. i was back there after several years.. everything was the same.. except some aging up of the building.. the same old wrought iron gate.. the same old path.. the same old stairs... where i sat hours and hours.. watching the stream of water flow by.. it wasn't exactly a river but a small stream.. i sat at those same steps after so many years.. remembering the good old times.. when life was at peace.. there was plenty of time.. plenty of space.. plenty of bliss..i sat there.. and just looked at the path.. and the farms on both sides of it.. those wheat crops were spread like golden blanket over the whole field.. and the river flowing by at a distance.. pure bliss
I remembered the evenings i sat on the terrace, watching the sun setting at a distance.. the red skies.. the birds flying .. and mountains behind... life is so chill here.. sitting day in n out .. in complete loneliness..when you can be with your own self .. no traffic sounds.. no disturbance nothing.. living here sounds like a dream compared to my Delhi..
Good old times when you don't have to worry about getting up at 7 and running.. you can sleep here until u get tired of sleeping.. get up late.. have breakfast at 11.. and lunch at 4.. read whole newspaper... and all those gossip news.. instead of rushing through few main lines..go strolling in the evening alongside the stream.. those relaxed tinkles of the temple bells..
Temple.. yeah.. i went there again.. in hope of seeing her at the evening aarti.. as usual...had lots of thoughts will she recognize me .. will she be there.. do i even remember the way to temple..
Finally i reached.. n was awestruck .. she was there.. sitting at the mahilayen or the females side ..u know how the things are in Indian villages.. the expression.. the very same expression.. caught me again.. was looking at her again n again through corner of my eye.. caught her eyes sometimes doing same..this went around for some half an hour.. but seems like ages.. the pundit was singing it tooo slowly.. as if he had time till eternity..
Finally it ended.. and we came out.. had to walk quite a distance to lose everyone behind.. din wanted a jungle fire to spread.. then looked slowly towards her.. "finally!, i never thought you would come".."neither did i ".. "so hows your girlfriends".." u never said yes.. so i never had one".. "so".."so".."what" .. " yes or no?".. " is it possible".."mayb".."it wont work".."it will , i think so".." you have to do it again ..".. '" i thot so"..

and then i held her hand.. went on the knees n said it again n again.. though it came very difficultly for the first time.. but then it became like zephyr...

" u still din reply".." u really wanna know ?" .. "hmm",, and then something happened ,, something electrifying.. what i din imagine.. or had no hopes that it will happen..

Fuck Fuck Fuck.. the alarm rang.. Get up u lazy ass... time for office..

hahaha.. dont kick my ass for this please.. was getting bored so thot of irritating people.. lolz...

Life Updates

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Want to know anything else??

wah wah..

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

"The world lies in the hands of those who have the courage to dream and who take the risk of living out their dreams - each according to his or her own talent.(The Valkyries)"

What does that mean? dont ask me.. ask paul cohelo.. he wrote it.. why the hell i wrote it here.. i still dont know.. its just that i wrote it to remind myself that if i didnt crack CAT this time my mom will kick me out of the home and i have to live in the kennel outside..what the hell.. there is no kennel outside my home.. fuck.. there is not even a dog.. Maybe she fooled me again... :(

Ever pondered that how our parents are luring and forcing us into things..i started remembering..
When i was in 8th standard
mom: "cmon beta just 2 years.. if you get science after 10th.. life will be settled.. life is so cool after u get science stream"somehow i managed to get a decent percentage and got science stream..
11th standard
mom"cmon beta just 2 years.. if you crack iitjee after 12th.. life will be settled.. life is si cool after you get into a premier insti"somehow i managed to crack it and got into student bashing, monsterous Mechanical department..
1st year of college
mom"cmon beta just 4 years..just get decent grades and u will get a nice will be settled after u get decent job.." i din listen this time.. screwed up my grads and grades bigtime yet somehow got one of the best jobs.. :)
1st day of job
mom"cmon beta just few months .. crack the cat.. last time u couldnt get ner will be settled after you get into a premier b skool".. phew..

So this is the story of every poor kid like me.. who hasnt enjoyed anything in life except books n beer.. :D
but anyways cant help.. so i have started saving money into an account for a nice kennel..

On the last post many people liked the retirement savings thingy.. thank ya all..hope you have all started that retirement saving thing.. otherwise buddhe hoke bore ho jaoge...

And ya.. if u have a nice hard disk in your head which is more than 1 Mb you must remember i mentioned about a site which my friends built..
its called
Its a nice wiki type of site.. but basically related to college life, education and all.. so that students and would be students and people in search of any technical kind of knowledge dont have to dig on vast databases for information .. instead can just go to this site and help themselves.. also if you are a learned person do go and contribute atleast one article about your career, college or some information which you can add..

I am helping them make people aware about their Edu Wiki.. so it would be helpful if you all also write a line or two about the site on your blogs..and if possible contribute some info also on theor site..

Cool.. i look like a vodafone doggy now.. doing ads here.. but never mind.. dosti ke liye itna to karna hi padta hai.. otherwise all those guys n my mom are planning to get a kennel for me :((

Cyao as of now.. n yeah.. work load is a bit fine.. now i meet my family atleast twice a week :D

ting ting ting.. attention please...

Friday, October 12, 2007

When i opened blogger today i realised that this is my 100th post.. so thought thoda celebration ho jaye...i just remembered the Mika-Rakhee kiss famed singers song.. "e ganpat chal daru la" so thought this would be the best pic for the occasion :)

Life has been cool otherwise.. inspite of living in the same home i havnt really met my family for almost a week.. when i leave for office they are sleeping and when i come back they are sleeping again.. :O very lazy folks.. so eventually we talk on fone these days.. n when after a week i met them ..finally.. then dramatically my mom says.." tu kitna bada ho gaya hai re.. kitna chota sa baccha tha jab pichli baari dekha tha" n i said " haan ma.. ajkal bacche bahut jaldi badte hain "
U remember that hansika.. which featured with doggie style famous singer.. han han wahi.. when people asked her hw come she is looking around in 20s when she is actually 16.. she said.. the websites on which u read my age 16 arnt updated.. they are old one.. :O .. huh sachmuch bacche bahut jaldi bade ho jate hain .. unke liye ek saal mein sirf 4 mahine hi hote hain ...

had talk with some old school friends few days bak. they were coming up with some web portal.. and gave me responsibility of publicizing it on the bloggers bay.. abeee.. do i look like a chalta firta sign board..or do i look like vodafone doggy.. neways will write my next post about that.. huh

after many days i decided to check out my personal mail ids.. oh my god.. These spammers will kill someone someday... all my yahoomail was full with people selling cheap software below market prices.. and my gmail was full with people selling viagra.. n how to be better than other men.. n rest were forwarded mails.. at the end of which its always written " if you dont forward this mail, your cat will run away with ur neighbors dog.. and if you delete this mail.. then your cat will run away with the dog of the gal on whom you had crush and she ran away with your best friend" i had 470+ forwarded msgs in 1 week.. i kept them in a folder in my mailbox.. named retirement savings.. after i become 60 and the company will kick me out gracefully with depositing lots of money in my account so that i dont have to work .. then i will read all those forwarded mails...

anyways.. i am feeling hungry.. so i just took handful of chips from the packet which my neighbour left on his seat( chor mat kaho mujhe, udhar lia hai chuka doonga) and the ketchup packet .. which i "got" from Mc D.. and eating chips wid sauce :)

Well before i forget.. thanx a lot everyone for bearing my crap for almost 3 years and 100 posts.. actually it was 101 posts but i deleted one post in which i whole heartedly thanked a teacher of mine who flunked me in first year.. but had to delete it coz someone said he will teach us again something in 2nd year.. :(

Cheers.. hic...

Agra Trip...

Friday, October 05, 2007

.. Karlo Dunia Mutthi mein ..
Finally vexed up by my idiotic behaviour.. my parents decided to send me to agra ka Pagalkhana.. which u can see in the pic above.. to see more pics of me and pagalkhana click here

Last weekend my family took me to mathura and agra trip.. Mathura to visit temples and wash away all my sins.. which i have accumulated over years irritating people, and then to Agra.. to send me to agra pagalkhana...Trip was awesome.. First we went to mathura.. and then it began

Suddenly out of somewhere, some guy was popping out of nowhere..saying something something in sanskrit.. putting his hand on everyones head .. and then asking for some daan dakshina.. :O .. then by his own will n permission becomes our guide.. inspite of my saying we dont need u
"bhayya hum kuch maang thodi rahe hain.. hum to logo ka bhala kar rahe hain.. accha lage to hame kuch daan kar jayega.." wat the fuck.. inspite of finding solace in such nice n beautiful places the atmosphere was tooo much irritating.. and i had to shout again n again to send them off...finally i had to say to an old man.. " unclejee aap ki umra ka lihaaz kar raha hun.. mujhe maa behan karne par majboor mat kijiye..warna aaapki bahut buri faad sakta hun".. that was it.. and suddenly the whole bunch vanished ... so everyone who is going to any such relegious plae.. remember this mool mantra :D

And then i realised the biggest mistake of my life.. i went there wearing a Cargo pants.. it had 18 pockets.. so the security guards were checking each and every pocket.. they took whole 7 minutes to check me.. whereas other normal people passed the test in 30 seconds.. :( ... and upar se i suppose i look a bit weirdo types.. one security guard checked even my wallet..for paper bomb i suppose..:(
moral of the story.. wear only chaddi baniyan while going to such high security places.. :(((

then we proceeded towards agra.. its a nice place.. except the enterance towards taj mahal is bit conjusted..Well hindustani culture comes in again.. a guy comes n whispers in my ear.. "bhaisahab thoda jaldi andar pahunchna hai ? 150 Rs per person" .. i askd " why u know some tunnel which shaj jahan built?".. and he frowned and vanished :D

Aaila .. kya mast cheez banai hai Shaj Jahan uncle nein.. mast kharcha kara hoga.. :O i mean it was sooooo oooooossssssum... he made many many places whr one can stand n take pics :D

After roaming there for about couple of hours we had lunch at Ratan da Dhaba.. n came back...
thats all for now.. will b back after sometime :)

Tag Tag Tagging

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

After a long time i have been tagged... Pri has caught me this time .. so lemme try this out..

Rules of this tagging game are
:Rule 1. Name the person with link who tagged you.
Rule 2. Complete the questionnaire without changing the questions.
Rule 3. Tag 6 or more people...

Fair enough... so here it is...

1) Are you happy/ satisfied with your blog, with its content and look?
Nopes noway.. in the begaining i thought i would become a big writer..khushwant singh or something.. but all i write is total crap.. the looks are nice only.. atleast it looks better than weird looks the blog owner has :(.. talking about happy.. yeah.. if i have so much time to write so much crap.. many people also have so much time to read my crap.. waow :D

2)does ur family know about your blog?
Yeah.. they know.. and they read all my posts... specially my mom n sis, many a times i can find them sitting in the nite reading my blog posts with a microscope to read between the lines and finding about any trace of pyar mohabbat etc in my life...(they are too eager to buy new dresses u knw, and need a reason like my shaadi for such an exhorbiant extravaganza)that is why i stopped writing all X rated stuff and all.. that is another case i never wrote it in first place :P

3)do u feel embarrassed to let your friends know about your blog or do u just consider it as a private thing?
Noway...i tell everyone about my blog so much .. that now people start running when they see me approaching.. "aa gaya fir sala apne blog ke bare mein pakane" :D .. i dont feel embarresed telling everyone about how many times i flunked in the same maths exam or how i became a five point someone.. :D

4) did blogs cause positive changes in my life?
Yeah.. now i dont feel constipated much...:P

5) Do you only open the blogs of those who comment on your blog or you love to go and discover more by yourself?
Well i can say both.. actually i jus go to blogs of people who comment in my blog and from there i tend to read blogs of people who commented on thr blogs.. well i read around 100 blogs a day sometimes when i dont have much workload...

6) What does visitors counter mean to you? Do you care about putting it in your blog?
yeah i did put it in my blog.. it just helps me know how much people in this world are sitting in front of comp who have soooo much time in this world to read such a crap thing like this.. it just gives a good feeling that i am not abnormal :D

7) did you try to imagine your fellow bloggers and give them real pictures?
Well yes and no.. Sometimes some bloggers write with so much feel that you can actually place yourself in their shoes.. and think of the same situation.. sometimes its like dejavu... and sometimes you just pull your hair and think why in the hell blogging is open for everyone...

8)do u think there is a real benefit to blogging?
Har kaam mein fayda nuksaan nahi dekha jaata mamu... kuch kaam dil ki khushi ke liye bhi kare jaate hain..

9)do u think tht bloggers society is isolated frm real world or interacts with events?
Does that really matter.. from the blogs i read i can safely say that... we all are mature enough to care about that...

10)does criticism annoy u or do u feel its a normal thing?
Well i am habitual to it.. i feel like something missing when anyone isnt criticizing me.. aadat pad jaati hai mamu...

11)do u fear some political blogs and avoid thm?
What the fuck is a political blog... ?? i never came across any..

12)did u get shocked by the arrest of some bloggers?
Nopes.. Bapune kaha hai jitni baari jail jaoge log tume utna samman denge..utni tumhari izzat badegi.. thats why .. if you are a blogger and you have been sent to jail.. dont panic.. satyagrah karo.. aandolan karo.. jai hind. :D

13)What do you like to hear? What’s the song you might like to put a link to, in your blog?

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14) ab aayega maza.. ab meri baari hai tag karne ki.. i tag the following people..


Drama Div@
Blog Boy
Fatafat tag complete kar do.. warna upar pada hai na ... bloggers arrested :x