Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hey!! Stop consulting all your dictionaries, encyclopedias, wikipedias and whatever...If Shakespeare uncle can coin a term Ass-ass-i-nation so can i..
Blogstimonial is a combination of blog and testimonial..You can term it height of lazyness.. i was nagging a very close friend of mine to write a testimonial for me(anyone who has heard about a weirdo site called orkut will know what a testimonial is) and a blog post for my pathetic blog.. but she reduced her efforts and wrote a blogstimonial .. so following is a guest post by Divya..

hello world...
here i m to describe ths flexible at the same time,surprisingly,rigid creature...who am i is sumthn out of the scecnario...
if some1 wants to learn how to fill pages wid absolute trivial stuff, here is our master...his blogs ofcourse reflect example, google also recognised his blogs as spam :D
n sumhw i m here to scribble abt his greatness, so facts apart :D
i want to adduce his name as someone who exaggerates to the core...for instance,if some1 gives a frown, he goes to police to file an FIR clamining tht "one" is stalkin him to attempt a murder!!!am i exaggerating on a whole, dont go by his i must accede, his genuine efforts are to create some humour :)
his blogs show either his frustration or humour...i wud say he is more alignment to humour side...
a true arian...n i dont intend to spare the lines describing wat a true arian is all about!!
believe it or nt, he has become my role model in disposing how-to-screw-up-life and yet make-best-out-of it....haha..yep, he very perfectly knws what to do, when to and how to...
jus by seeing him,v usually fail to fathom wat a person he really lemme tell, he is very calculated ofcourse pragmatic kinda...

people, dun say tht he is Handsome..he is cute though ;)
never mind, abhi...fact is fact...watever it is!!!

like every other guy, he is(rather was) a big surprisingly hates flirts :O
loves his mom more than nethn else in ths is a senti guy though gives an awkward expression when "senti" word is uttered...
my write-up ends here as more than enuf praising is already done....seeya!!

Divya :)

Well a whole hearted thanks to her for her post..
Disclaimer: i was not consulted about the contents in between the starred lines, so any allegations on me are are totally fictitious and any resemblence to any character may be purely coincidental :D