Oh no.. Not again...

Friday, September 28, 2007

Cricket cricket all around.. from my last post till now, all discussion is cricket.. and now the upcoming aussie series.. for a cric illeterate person like me, this becomes too much at times.. Neverthless its a democratic country.. everyone has the right to freedom of doing certain things.. no one will stop you even if u allow Shakti casting couch Kapoor to act like a monkey on TV... david dhawan will still appreciate it.. or show Rakhee sawant and kashmira shah to fight over "who has more silicon out there"... there is no level upto which these channel people can fall to ground, and will beg u for Rs6 smses to decide if rakhee has got more silicon or kash..

Life has been cool otherwise.. every morning i sit like executives in the cab n read delhi times( hiding inside Economic times :D ), sitting on the back seat.. reach office.. sit on my nice seat in middle of the occean.. where traffic is flowing from all directions.. and yeah if u remember my AC problem(read here) the problem came again, this time in office.. leave aside remote.. i couldnt find the power plug also.. central AC ke fayde u knw :(

Last weekend i was getting bored at home.. had no work except feeding my pet dianasour and lizards.. so thot of playing with google.. using the google searchbox only, i gave better looks to google engine.. i have hosted the page here(click), Bhai log aap sab se nivedan hai ki please apne bhai bandhu massi nani chachi padosi sab ko ye link de de aur mere kaam ko logo tak pahunchane mein meri madad kare.. and make it your homepage also.. its just google search but with different looks..

Did anyone hear the latest news.. whole indian cricket team is willing to donate 51Rs ka shagun to the Hockey team which won somewhere sometime.. but are sitting on bhokh hadtaal for not getting any prizes or gift hampers from the govt.. Our govt has run out of funds to give away any more prizes.. so everyone is requested to contribute to Hockey Team Bhookmari Hatao Aandolan..minimum contribution is 50 paisa.. :P

Anyways.. enuf crap for tpday... thankyou all for bearing me and my crap once again..will b back to bug you again ... tab tak ke liye salam namaste

PS.. dont forget to bookmark /make your homepage(click)

Chak de India

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Finally.. whoa.. what a match..Chak De Moment

Yippie.. India won the T20 world cup.. Well what can be better than this .. India Pak finals and india winning.. an eternal wish of every Indian.. even if he cant spell Cricket properly..

Well there were three kinds of people yesterday.. who took an off from the office to watch the match.. secondly .. the unfortunates who cant go home and misses this show of a lifetime.. and thirdly..the ones who sneaked out leaving all the work behind.. thats what we call real patriotism( why are you thinking abt me :O )

And if u lazy guy.. u slept after the match.. it was raining in Delhi.. just 5 mins after match got over.. mayb God sending his Congrats.. what a perfect lagaan scene.. BCCI nein Indian cricketers ka 3 saal ka lagaan maaf kar dia and it gave them 2 million dollars.. And Bhuvan(yuvi) ko Gauri ke sath dahej mein 1 crore rupya mila.. !!! ( he must be thinking about that firangan (read kim sharma) crying, shit y din i tell him that i love him.. he is a crorepati now !! )
Jokes apart.. this new team has a great potential in it.. specially ajit agarkar.. as soon as the news came that he wont be playing in the finals.. all chote chote bacche in my block started shouting.. yippie... ab hum jeet jayenge..

Did anyone of u watched the presentation after the match.. ? The fluent and cool english paki players speak.. can even give Rakhi Sawant a run !! And yea then Mr Coach.. shahrukh(Uncle) came to congratulate everyone.. wagging his tail( u din notice something hanging behind his head :O )

There are many more updates in my life.. but this work load is killing me these days.. i am constantly searching everyday atleast 400 times on google about work life balance.. what does it mean exactly.. but to my dismay i dont fall even remotely in any of its definitions of a work life balanced life..
But never mind... Indian Idol 4 auditions are starting soon... ;)

Fraud Fraud Fraud

Friday, September 14, 2007

heard these lyrics before??

Fraud To Da Left For Me
Fraud Is Right For Me
Fraud To Da The Front For Me
Fraud Is The Back For Me
Fraud Is The Day For Me
Fraud Is Nite For Me
Fraud On Mind Making Money All Da Time

How many times it happens with you..You are sitting silently on your workdesk.. thinking about Rakhi sawant n mika episode.. and wondering what a bad choice mika has got.. and suddently.. there is a roar like earthquake.. and you find your cell vibrating.. with an unknown number... time stops for a minute.. and you wonder whose calling..You pick up the fone and suddenly life becomes rosey...
"Hello Sir, I am very happy to tell you thatwe have had a lucky draw..and your number became a lucky winner for a trip for a couple to india or abroad.. no strings attached..you just have to come up and pick up the prize from a party we are throwing for the winners.... we are just doing this for the puclicity of our company.. yea we wont charge you anything.. tis is a free gift sir!!!... you just have to attend a dinner party..but we have only couple entry.. oh never mind sir even if you are unmarried.. you can bring your girlfriend with you..we just do that to maintain decency in the party!!! ..no sir, no couches will be provided in the party :)) "
For almost 2 hours i was dreaming.. about the trip.. abroad.. amreeka probably..meeting bush.. and taking Aishwarya along with me.. i was telling these plans to a collegue.. when he suggested .. hey yaar.. google maar ke dekh.. kahi tera kaat to nahi rahe.. :O
i put the name of company on google.. and the first link i got was this (click here to read article)

Whoa.. suddenly.. ek sapno ka mahal toot gaya.. i became sad and depressed.. i cant meet aishwarya now.. forget about bush :(
The guy called me next day.. to confirm.. i told him that i searched on google.. but i couldnt find his website..he smelled that i would have got the information about this company.. he said he would send me direct link of his website.. :O
Then i askd him to send me the tickets or whatever by courier.. i will pay for the couriers cost..he started saying .. no no sir.. we will honor u in the function.. have some fotographs of you recieveing the prize.. all this is publicity sir.. we are professionals.. i said waow..then i askd that i didnt have a girlfriend also to take to that party so could i take his wife along with me..
he slammed the fone .. hahaha

I researched a bit more about such companies.. wat they do is call u to a party with ur wife/gf etc.. and give u a reddest carpet welcome u ever had.. and then say they will give u prizes at the end.. and then begins the game.. they tell you about certain offers of thr company.. and then say.. aap apni patni ke liye itna bhi nahi kar sakte.. kya yahi pyar hai.. aap itna to kar hi sakte hain apne pyar ke liye .. et al..
Then comes in play Mans ego.. ab biwi ke samne itna kuch to nahi sun sakta.. so he invests the money.. aur uske baad ke efects ke liye.. read the link which i have given..



Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hey!! Stop consulting all your dictionaries, encyclopedias, wikipedias and whatever...If Shakespeare uncle can coin a term Ass-ass-i-nation so can i..
Blogstimonial is a combination of blog and testimonial..You can term it height of lazyness.. i was nagging a very close friend of mine to write a testimonial for me(anyone who has heard about a weirdo site called orkut will know what a testimonial is) and a blog post for my pathetic blog.. but she reduced her efforts and wrote a blogstimonial .. so following is a guest post by Divya..

hello world...
here i m to describe ths flexible at the same time,surprisingly,rigid creature...who am i is sumthn out of the scecnario...
if some1 wants to learn how to fill pages wid absolute trivial stuff, here is our master...his blogs ofcourse reflect tht....living example, google also recognised his blogs as spam :D
n sumhw i m here to scribble abt his greatness, so facts apart :D
i want to adduce his name as someone who exaggerates to the core...for instance,if some1 gives a frown, he goes to police to file an FIR clamining tht "one" is stalkin him to attempt a murder!!!am i exaggerating here...haha...bt on a whole, dont go by his words...bt i must accede, his genuine efforts are to create some humour :)
his blogs show either his frustration or humour...i wud say he is neither...bt more alignment to humour side...
a true arian...n i dont intend to spare the lines describing wat a true arian is all about!!
believe it or nt, he has become my role model in disposing how-to-screw-up-life and yet make-best-out-of it....haha..yep, he very perfectly knws what to do, when to and how to...
jus by seeing him,v usually fail to fathom wat a person he really is...so lemme tell, he is very calculated ofcourse pragmatic kinda...

people, dun say tht he is Handsome..he is cute though ;)
never mind, abhi...fact is fact...watever it is!!!

like every other guy, he is(rather was) a big flirt...bt surprisingly hates flirts :O
loves his mom more than nethn else in ths world...so is a senti guy though gives an awkward expression when "senti" word is uttered...
my write-up ends here as more than enuf praising is already done....seeya!!

Divya :)

Well a whole hearted thanks to her for her post..
Disclaimer: i was not consulted about the contents in between the starred lines, so any allegations on me are are totally fictitious and any resemblence to any character may be purely coincidental :D


Happy Teachers Day

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Though most of you all must be surprised at Abhishek khanna writing a blog to wish happy teachers day...but karna padta hai yaar.. mom's a teacher.. to agar wish nahi kara to no dinner .. :(

Anyways .. this post is dedicated to all teachers in whose taught courses i flunked n flunked..and all those who were kind enough to give me grace marks to maintain their career records of not giving any supplementaries..:D :D

I have been back after a loong time.. was actually fed up with this blogger system.. not fed up.. but heartbroken..i mailed them regarding that spammer issue.. and they replied in such a simple technical language that only rakhi sawant can understand... :(

Well sometimes you get up in the morning and pray that the nokia phone in ur hand is having BL whatever batteries.. and it would explode ..taking it along with you...same happens with me on monday mornings..As soon as i get up..its the same pain in the ass.. ek aur din.. but thankfully from past 2 weeks.. their have been an allah ka banda tuesday( read holiday) to save me from breaking my head...

And those of you who forgot Khushi's birthday.. it was on 31st.. anyways there is no need to wish her.. she wont give a treat anyways.. i wished her in advance on 30th and 3 times on her bday..I skipped my breakfast and lunch on 31st in anticipation of a treat(jab sham ko party mein free ka khana khana hi hai to thode paise bacha lo :D).. but she was too busy somewhere else to care for her starving friends :( :(

I watched chak de last week.. not so bad as i expected it to be.. the storyline was nice.. and i learned later that it was based on a real life story.. Trivia time.. its based on story of coach of indian mens hockey team in 1998...shahrukh was as usual looking uncle types.. and the kodak moment of the movie was.. when preeti sabarwal says to chautala.. "mujhe ek launde ko dikhana hai ki laundiya mein kitna dum hai" and another one .. when chautala says.. preeeeeeetiiiiii.. ja dikha de us launde ko.. " :P oh my God.. whistles started blowing everywhere..

Saw indian cricket team winning after a long time.. out Utthapa led the team to an unbelievable victory.. and as soon as India won.. yuvi started running towards utthapa.. tune meri chaddi bacha li ( for the cricket illiterates, yuvi gave 30 runs in his last over).. but that was an exciting moment ..even a 21 year old lazy guy like me had goosebumps in the last 5 balls of the match..bilkul gilette mafik close shave..

By now all you guys must be cursing the great teachers of my school n college... Ek zor ka thappad.. bachpan mein lagaya hota.. to yeh ladka aaj aisa na hota :D :D :D