Spammer!! who me??

Monday, August 20, 2007

Finally this blogger allowed me to post on my blog.. last week i logged in to write a post .. and a scary red message popped up.. your account has been blocked by our robots as spam blog( i would rather call it a crap blog huh) so please click here and our humans will check and approve your blog..!! WTF!!!
And as u all know that i am technically as sound as Rakhi Sawant's english speaking.. but still i tried to find the damn reason why did that stupid robot call my blog a spam blog.. And i must say that in finding that out i almost completed my PHd in google technologies and page rank.. whoa .. that was quite a fast PHd.. i did in 3 hours.. but still shilpa shetty holds the records.. grrr 5 seconds.. all she did was cried over some racist remarks.. n whoa.. she got a PHd....
Well coming back to sane talk.. if you havent enabled coment moderation and word verification( that checks you are blind or not after you read my blog ) some robots will put their links as comments in the oldest of your posts.. and google people are too concerned about random useless links .. so they call u a spammer..huh..well neither do i have time nor suach a haughty ego.. but someone someday will surely sue them for such a derogratory remark!!!
Never mind.. finally some human reviewed my blog and sent me a mail that sorry for the mistake of the robot.. you are not a spammer.. i was as happy as sanjay dutt.. after he was "baaizzat bari" from TADA court.. :x
The week has been fine only, light period at work.. so i am finally returning home at sane time.. that can be good or bad.. depends.. as i found everyone looking at me with a horrified looks on thr face when i returned home one day .. with sun still shining outside.. " wat happened munna?? u resigned?? u had a fight?? they kicked u out for sleeeping in a meeting ?? :O "
it took me a couple of hours to explain ..
I have been planning to go and watch some movie.. have heard nice reports about Chak de.. finally sharukh is looking good in his older guy looks.. he isnt still reached the age of playing baap ka role.. but yea.. hes now ready to play chacha mama taaya etc..
Does anyone remember the hritik lookalike Quazi Taukir( sorry if i misspelt) .. finally he Quit singing(sigh!) and is comeing as a lead role in some movie !!! and guess what.. one himesh wasnt enuf for this country.. n this kid is also dreaming of singing and acting in the same movie again..

Finally with plummeting web space rates.. n a bit of money saving.. i am planning to buy up a domain name for myself.. where i can sing all about myself.. bragging how many times i flunked my maths exams n also host my blog there... so that no one again term me as a spammer.. whatsay?

PS.. you can also check my blog abt tech chit chat here

About me

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I was in quite a frustrated mood one day... out of which i scribbled useless words on a paper.. and thought of writing it here.. but it remained on paper only.. cbecausei didn't find the thing what i wanted to say was clear in that... than i read this poem by Atty.. which i am posting here.. she has said a lot in few words which i couldn't in a thousand words..

"Why should i express my self
what would happen if i make my point clear
why should anybody understand me
why should anyone try to understand me
why my thoughts would be worth thinking
I'm better off this way
better off thinking own way
better off not being understood
M not for everyone to understand
because everyone is not worth it
few understand only and
M glad they understand me completely"

This is i can say a typical about me of Abhishek Khanna...

ek kuwara.. fir gaya maara...

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Fortunately my a.c.(cum room freezer) problem is solved.. rains have started so no need for switching on the ac :)

Last week i went to my distant cousins engagement.. he is like so distant that i saw him for the first time in my life..:D
Never mind.. the scene out there was more interesting than him.. so eventually i din meet him throughout my 2 hour stay in that place.. firstly as we were about to enter there was huge commotion outside.. it was kind of baarat scene .. with loads of drums n bands n people dancing madly as if covering for their aerobic classes for past 6 months!! finally after around 3 hours delay from the time given to guests they entered the hall, where engagement was about to happen... phew.. meanwhile me and other kids were constantly eyeing towards the ice-cream counter as if we were starving from past four weeks.. huh.. and after so long a wait.. only vanilla flavour was served :(
more irritating than that was .. more distant relatives.. n specially those auntys.. constantly pulling my cheeks..n saying "arre, kinna vadda ho gaya munda, ennu inna chotta sa vekhya si" along with pointing towards thr knees.. huh everyone grows up.. no one is born 5 feet :x (and for punjabi illiterate people, tht means .. see how big our munna has grown, we had seen him 1.5 feet last time)
And some not so cheek pulling auntys.. who were busy handeling their banarsi heavyweignt 30kgs sarees with one hands n their wigs with other.. with makeup borrowed from all padosans smeared all over their face... and an aweful display of all the jwellery they had hidden in their bank lockers for these kinds of functions..

And most important of them all.. bragging by all ladies of my moms age..
mera beta IIT se engineer banke aaya hai , meri beti ke boards mein 90% marks aaye hain.. mera munna MNC mein job karta hai.. aur pata hai waha roz free pizza milta hai..aur pata hai uske office mein ac bhi hai... with the ceeeeee of ac streched so long that everyone hears it.. and to it other replies .. to kya hua.. mere bete ki to cab mein bhi ac hai..
No matter how much every guys mom scolds him for getting calls from gals whole day.. they will surely brag abotut it.. main to pareshan ho gai hoon.. lagta hai dilli ki saari ki saari ladkiyan mere munne ke peeche pad gai hain .. phew

and then their are kids like me.. stopping every waiter and asking.. bhayya yaha non veg nahi hai kya? and when he says no.. then make so dull n sad face that even atalji's face looks happier than them..

Anyways doesnt matter.. i got my first salary on 1st of this month.. so went for a money burning trip.. try it out... its quite enjoyable .. :)

n yeah forgot to tell.. when the real engagement ceremony was happening.. that ring exchange waali.. everyone gathered around the bride n groom.. as if some ambani writing his will.. n the DJ aptly played the song inbackground
"Ek kuwara.. fir gaya maara..."