Friday, June 15, 2007

Finally after a long time i got up to write another post..
Have been busy lazying around for the past one month, or rather taking rest before entering this Big Bad corporate world..phew

n to worsen it i have been informed we will have to wear formals!!! that means pants n shirts,although i dont have any hatred towards clothes like mallika sherawat has, but still.. if i press hard on my 21 year old cluttered hard disk.. , in the past 4 years i have worn pants only 4 times tht too only while giving interviews..huh..neways zindagi hai.. karna padta hai :(
Thank god i dont have to wear something in my neck seeing which all stray dogs would get a chance to say behind my back.. dekh dekh ye paltu waala hai :|

Rest has been as usual visited nainital again for a week..i wanted to stay more but people got sick of me n threatened to tie me to their bullock carts if i didnt leave..:D

Finally many of my gang members have joined their jobs.. and i am getting jealous out here.. they can have as many pizzas n ice teas as they want.. and they are being paid for eating n drinking :O.. ah.. i have no hopes thr companies will be able to recover the cost of pizzas n ice teas from them let alone thr salaries...

n yeah if someone remembers i gave interviews for a so called prestegious B school.. they have maintained their prestege n didnt take me in :(
I am eagerly waiting for saddi "dilli ki sardi" however hot that is ;) but it must be better than this killing heat... one more week of this heat n u are all invited to my home to feawst on tanduri roasted abhishek khanna(with lots of fats :D )

N yeah i am searching madly for the guy who told me to increase my diet along with gym to get bulging muscles.. all i am getting is a bulging tummy muscles..huh... if my voice had been a shade better than the crows singing on my rooftop, i would have created my own album competing with adnan sami..neways when Shekhar suman can go n sing a song on the beach with a guitar in one hand n a girl of the age of his daughter in other, why cant i..
Well heard that Himesh uncle is making a children movie, with two cartoons, himesh n his animated brother, one child artist n glass breaking howling dogs like songs, what more canu expect..

We all must give soniaji 21 topo ki salami for finding a Rashtrapatni for us :D :D( well male president = Rashtrapati then what wud u call a female prezz)

Gotta go now.... my mom is shouting with a belan in her hand over the rising internet bills..