bus.. bahut ho gaya..

Monday, March 26, 2007

Few days back, i went to home for holi vaccations.. during tht time only i had an interview for a prestegious B school.. well it was supposed to be a very crucial time of my life so as usual i was engrossed in my usual palaver n crapping..:)
i thought about this post half an hour before the interview.. was riding in a bus.. so was just noting down the kinds n behaviours of people travelling in delhi... :)

Well first of all most important person.. The Driver.. Phew.. well they think they are driving as thin as cycles with a rocket engine.. keeping a stern view on the traffic .. just manage to drop the people safely.. well standing just behind him looking at the road i just got 1 idea.. to prevent accidents with such reckless drivers .. u just need luck not skill .. but well plays radio mirchi at such an unbearable sound so that people's banter doesnt reach his ears..

Next come the regular office goers..the most frusterated lot .. they just have one work .. to condemn everything from sexy ( or rather besharam ) outfits of mallika to indian politics to our beloved cricket team..just give them the power once and india's GDP will be 3.14 times the GDP of USA within days..

n then is the old-retired-seasoned-by-time-n-experience Uncle.. he usually has some big moustache.. right from his lips to his ears.. :) his work is just to poke his nose into on going conversations here n there.. just to show he knows a hell abt everything .. n who knows mayb u gain some jwels out of his experience :D

Aah.. next comes my fav tpe.. The Cool Dude..the guys with colored thing on his head ( mm hair or tail :O )he shouts oooosssssum maaan over everythin he even remotely likes.. a rebel ..will do everything diametrically against wat that seasoned uncle thinks or suggests.. :)) He opposes just to oppose ..sometimes u can find his stubble also bleached ..( i dunno how his mom allows him in his home )

The so called self procclaimed romeos.. who just come for finding a BABE in the bus .. who would just stare once at them.. they have no relation with other passengers, n yea tickets.. huh let alone conductor..their day becomes sore when their fav babe doesnt come in the same bus..

The Babe..well u can spot her right in a crowd of thousand.. with clothes bought from palika bazaar or janpath..face bleached n leftover bleach stamped on hair.. with heels so high that if she keeps on standing for more than 10 seconds she will fall...n yea our romie is too keen to offer her seat to her.. ( n yea when she says thanx.. hes got a topic to boast man.. "dekha aj babe talked to me " )

n yea the Conductor.. the link between all the other species present in the bus.. he can talk with the oldie.. discussing hell about the politics of india.. with the rebel.. that culture n all is just a waste.. along with skillfully gliding through passengers.. giving a rotten look to the romeo for not buying the ticket , n gives a broad smile to the babe that her secret is safe with him..

oh yes about the interview.. hehe who cares :D

Tumko na bhool payenge

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Anjaane mein mile the hum,
nanhe the apne kadam,
saath yun chalta raha,
ki hausla badhta raha....
dheere dheere bharose ka ye karwaan banta raha,
aaj yahan is mod par ,
tumhari manzil tumhe bulaati hai,
mana bichhadne ki baat bhi,
aankhon mein aansu laati hai...
yeh to aakhir hona hi tha....
paakar tumhe khona bhi tha...
kal hum bhi kahin duniya ki,
bheed mein kho jaayenge ,
jaante ho tum bhi magar ki ,
tumko na hum bhool paayenge....

This poem is a creation of Shubhan Gupta.. one of my best buddies... posted here with his consent .. :)

Ek Chidia..

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"Tell me, how he died? "

"I will tell you how he lived "