a few pieces of colored paper...

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A few days earlier i was thinking about writing about the new years post.. mentioning about the year gone by .. well i am too lazy that i still havent posted it yet but then well when i was thinking about it, it occured to me that why not jot down about some recent past which extends a couple of years more than last year.. about my college life...

Then i started thinking about it..

Well thinking about some years down the line , we all will be flying high in the corporate world, earning decent salaries atleast 10-20 times our expenses now, but what gives me a jolt in the pit is we wont have such a company to enjoy that...

26th july 2003 A guy with just dreams in his eyes , a big bag n a steel box came to the unknown city where he knew no one except the name of his university n his department..From then began a journey which niether he nor the gang of MECH07 core committee (which formed a couple of months later)had either expected or will ever forget...

The best thing occured was The Mechanical Deptt... it all began with ur enemy's enemy is ur friend kinda thing... mech deptt has a big hand in bringing us all 6 pointers.. (with an exception of 2-3 muggers in our group) closer...right from many small groups like pyar mohabat group, L**d group n many freelancers developed the mech07 core committee...and the journey sometimes it has been such a bumpy road n at other times a ship cruising in a deep calm sea...

There has been a time when their were small small groups having small small parties, n buying BDay gifts with contri... sometimes a perfume deo, tshirts or caps even ;) n sometimes watching a movie in balcony in just 50 bucks.. n lets see talking about the best .. well Best is a very deceptive word.. it can be our parties in clarks taj diamond.. or mayb in our eating cum boozing aahar vihar dhaba...but well most of us cud never learn to eat with knife fork n spoons.. apna haath jagannath :D...with just alcohol flying in most of the parties.. n then babbling drunk urchins.. taling stupidly with no one able to understand other....

And to add .. about some rough days.. in 1st year-- mech Vs chem+mining, 2nd year -- Vs 4th chem , n train wala kand, 3rd year-- a century of supplimentries or F grades to the branch, 4th year--limbdi kand... waow.. man.. branch hai ya gundo ka adda.. n many more dubious distinctions to add to that.. ;)

The best part was the Educational tour.. (sorry cant help it , we gotta call it tht only to get discounted tickets )Bombay , Pune , Goa , Banglore...it was a trip of a lifetime .. n very memorable too... i hav noted almost all of it in a small diary..which eventually my parents read !!!.. n to make it more memorable.. many guys opened up during the trip.. watever that means ;)best part of it was goa.. poora din talli ghoomte rehte the.. n surprisingly no one fined us ever for drunken driving.. al they were bothered abt were if ur vehicle is rented or not.. actually renting is not allowed thr.. or u cn call it extra pocket money for some ppl thr ;)

Then came the job season... i very well remember 27th july around 4:30 pm.. when tota n mangal were in contrller office getting the cross lists of the supplimentrys so tht we cn sit in some company next morning!!! bastards.. most of us got the jobs without confirmed gradesheets that we are even in final year.. !!Then came parties n all... all the Dummys sitting for each other so tht everyone of us gets a job( afterall geting thu written is the hardest part ;) ).. n then 2nd jobs then third jobs... n now poudfully we can say tht avg package of core comittee of mech07 is 1 lac more thn avg of rest of the branch.. although in field of acadmics we all were called losers whole 3 years.. now dare say a word abt low graes n see !!! ;)

hmm.. dunno y .. but my ears hav got habitual of hearing those stupid songs played whole day in the lobby.. n the shouting over every single point in volley...n the smoke filled rooms..Well now even last KashiYatra is also over... the college life is coming to an end..n sometimes i wonder how the life would b wen thr is no loud music around.. wen we play golf!!(mayb someday) decently without shouting at each other !!...watever tht wud b .. but it cant b like this ever.. we all say to keep in touch after passing out.. but everyone knws inside thr hearts tht it wont b same however hard we try.. so everyone shouting or silently has started collecting fotos of the gang on their comps n some hard copies... which to some is life.. n to some .. few pieces of colored paper...

this doesnt contain the fotos of full grp.. will paste here the new foto in some days...


Sunday, February 25, 2007

i just found this foto while browsing through some folders on someones comp... well looks good .. so thot of putting it up here...

going on n on....

Friday, February 16, 2007

Its been a long time i have blogged.. credit goes to sometimes my crunching schedule sometimes my laziness... these days i am fighting hard to makeup a balance between volleyball games, kashiyatra work, movies , FRIENDS,netting ,beer breaks, and to add to it nerve sucking classes n tests.. so i am getting no time for any kind of productive or unproductive thinking... somehow i dont know why i am suddenly feeling sucked out of energy.. just feeling like having a short break from this all... just sleeping n eating whole day :D...
n even whenever i get sometime i am just thinking abt having an mba just now or having it a couple of years down the line.. i got valid n good reasons for both the perspectives..so its been a kind of dilemma in my life.. anyways i have just decided let the tide take me wherever it wants me to.. i will just try to stay afloat .. watever that means...
anyways i was just having a look over the stat counter on my blog to find out my blog is coming up on what searches...n found out some funny things..

Madhushala...i dunt even remember when did i quote that!!

ART of Living.. waaow..people wanna know abt tht coming on my blog... gud gud atleawst i will save some lives..

Sudarshan Kriya, Gurujee... same crap of art of living

Abhishek khanna... waow there are other abhishek khanna in this world also !!! :O

"abhishek khanna" it bhu.. oh.. someone trying to find about me like they did in " one night at call centre" !!?? oye i dont work in microsoft n am not bald.. so stop it..

Dianosour... hehe .. atleast there is someone in this world besides me who spells it wrong :D

Ab to aadat si hai mujhko... hehe come n read the new aadat remix !!

valentines week ...:( :( :(.. jalao jalao .. aur jalao..

hehe... ok cut the crap.. well lets c how the next week goes.. for am going to a short trip to home.. n then kashiyatra.. then holi break.. then my XLRI interview.. phew then some rest.. ..really??

ting ting teding..

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Well Khushi( well i dunt think its her real name.. but well even kareena doesnt blog with her real name ;) ) tagged me so m completing the tag.. taking a break outta my buzy lazy schedule..
  • Three things that scare me
First and foremost DOGS.. ( dont laugh , hav u ever been bitten by a dog on ur ass wen u were 11 years old )
Gradesheets.. hell man .. i am always second (last) :P
Girls.. well they freak me out.. whoa.. hw cn anyone act so decent all the time .. huh
  • Three people who make me laugh
mmmmm thinking still

  • Three things i love
My Family
Mech07 gang
kahin na kahin koi hai.. ;)
  • Three things i hate
well i cn say idealistic people who try making u also idealistic..
  • Three things i dont understand
First and foremost.. i hav been thinking over it from class 8.. Why did newton only think about gravity when he saw an apple falling from tree, he never sat on a pot till then ??
Why do we need to have a double personality to survive in this world?
Who the hell is john galt..
  • Three things on my Desk
My comp
Crap paper on which i hav scribbled on every corner..
  • Three things which i am doing right now
Thinking ... saala bacchan ki jagah khanna kyon nahi tha :((
Shouting at the mouse in my room.. maa ka dhoodh piya hai to aaja samne ek baari
  • Three things i wanna do before i die
Become prez of USA
Want to launch Khanna Inc. which will only recruit people with grades below 7.0
Write a book.. i have already thought abt its name " those who shook IT BHU " :D :D
  • Three things i can do
  • Three things u shud listen to
Aaj tak
ur parents
ur wife ( warna khana nahi milega :(( )
  • Three things u shud never listen to
Obviously proffs
ur gal ( she can write 1001 donts for u )
Politicians .. too good to b true...
  • Three things i wud like to learn
Bootlicking :P
Keeping my mouth shut
  • Three fav foods
Home cooked food
Home cooked food
Home cooked food( saala 4 saal me 7 star se leke gande dhabe ka khana kha liya but moms recipie is the best ;))
  • Three bevarages i dring regularly
n yeah sometimes water also
  • Three people i wud like to tag...
Will tell ya later... now this is cheating.. this question requires using brain.. not allowed :D