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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

i know i have been tagged by many of you, but i came to my office after a week, so obviously i have a lot of things to analyze.. if you don't know i am a business research analyst..don't ask me what does that mean because i am also very much confused what it means.. inspite of me working here from past 5 months :D
all of you who have tagged me please send me the link of the post in which you all have tagged me in the shouting box provided on the right hand side.. n yeah you all can shout abuse do whatever in that box :D
Life has been cool otherwise.. i have been deciding from the past few days to get up early and do something about my one-big-family-pack-ab, but well.. winters make me too lazy .. n guess what ..i now only realized the more fat gets accumulated on ur waist.. the more n more hungry you feel all the time :)))
did anyone hear that i have been nominated for nobel peace prize.. i have made one of the most lazy human being on this planet start a blog.. she writes here click here
n yeah many people asking about cat examination center washroom thing.. the point is they never built that college with the thought that cat people will make it an examination center.. so obviously guys were using the only washrooms available in the college.. and half of the line was in anticipation to see how does it look like .!
n well if you are someone whos got some fokat time do have a look at this click here
cyao for now
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