Monday, November 05, 2007

hello everyone.. i am back to bug you all again...
Festive time is back.. yippie.. ab hum naye naye kapde khareedenge aur ghar ki safai bhi karenge :D
i love this festive season.. specially diwali season.. when everyone is going to each others home to wish diwali and give some nice gifts.Its a nice scene, i just cant wait for the guests to go.. as soon as they step out.. i am the first one to rush and tear open the packs.. :D.. but to my dismay.. its always the same.. sweets, dry fruits, kitchen things,, u know cup plates and all.. and sometimes someone gives some nice thing to put up the the living room.. huh.. no one ever cares about me.. or gets anything for me.. :(
n yeah as soon as my parents come back inside the home after seeing off the guests .. i am dead... mom would always scold me.. "what if they gave the wrong packet and come back to take it.. they would think you are so greedy kid.." cant help m like that only :D .. but yeah.. now i start the stopwatch for 5 mins as soon as the guests leave.. 5 mins is the timeout for reclaiming your gifts :D
Life is fine otherwise.. i have driven 250kms in past 2 days.. acting as a driver to my folks who went to relatives places..neways i think i am spending half of my life in car only.. on weekends i am driving to some nice places around delhi(stressbusters u know) and on weekdays going n coming from office.. all in all. in past 30 days i have travelled 4000+kms, on an average more than 130kms per day :O !!!!
Life has become pretty boring n monotonous these days.. get up in the morning, go to office, work , come back n sleep..Not much of entertainment these days except weekends.. i watched laga chunri mein daag.. what the hell was that.. same crap story.. poverty struck rani goes and becomes a prosti.. a guy falls for her and accepts her as it is.. then she becomes a rich nice gal... the end..huh
found a nice puzzle.. click here.. simple common sense and presence of mind thing
i couldnt solve coz i dont have either
or u cn play games also click here
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